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Fresh Expressions 1 Making Disciples in FX +Graham Cray.

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1 Fresh Expressions 1 Making Disciples in FX +Graham Cray

2 Discipleship connects to the source the heart of discipleship is obedience to Jesus the motivation for discipleship is a vision of Jesus and his Kingdom part of God’s work is to make us like Jesus

3 Discipleship is no after-thought

4 A process of discernment loving and serving building community exploring discipleship church taking shape underpinned by prayer, ongoing listening and relationship with the wider church listening do it again

5 DNA of fresh expressions Everything that will grow is present at the beginning

6 DNA of fresh expressions listening serving forming community evangelism and discipleship church taking shape

7 Start as you mean to go on Only what is in the seed can grow

8 Intentional “ make the fresh expression itself about discipleship from beginning to end. “ aim to provide an experience of Christian community for those with little contact. “ allow for the long journey people go on as they come from initial attention to openness to respond to the gospel. Paul Moore

9 Context despite a dominant Western culture, the key to planting a fresh expression is local context what forces shape a locality, whether neighbourhood or network or a combination of the two? disciple-making is a process of inculturation, involving the reading of a local culture

10 Start as you mean to go on! build sacrifice and service into the culture of the fresh expression from the beginning don’t create an environment so comfortable that it gives no hint of the cost of discipleship or the call to serve


12 Set an example

13 Sunday Sanctuary

14 Moving forward there is no need for all to move at the same pace provide regular opportunities to go deeper maintain the missional focus

15 Starting where people are Catechumenate communities at the start: belonging before believing knowing very little expecting to participate

16 Staging posts - Sorted contact work club night praise service peer-led discipleship groups

17 Staging posts - Moot


19 Continuing the journey 19 Stages marked in worship

20 A learning environment ministry of the word creating a learning culture multisensory learning participative no unchallengable experts in an internet age

21 Examples

22 How is disciple-making practiced? Dioceses of Liverpool and Canterbury one to one courses small groups serving teams

23 One to one

24 Courses

25 The right course for the context

26 Small groups

27 ‘one anothering’ mutual support Honesty never purely pastoral or just to study the Bible mission-focused

28 A way of life worthy of the gospel “ Christian community is not primarily about togetherness… togetherness happens but only as a by-product of the main project of trying to be faithful to Jesus. Hauerwas and Willimon

29 Serving teams

30 Church for the Kingdom

31 A rule or rhythm of life? disciplines of prayer and community a rhythm of life community to sustain discipleship

32 Fresh Expressions 32

33 Fresh Expressions 33 Making Disciples in FX +Graham Cray

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