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Tracking the lineage of an photograph By Yr 1 photography.

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1 Tracking the lineage of an photograph By Yr 1 photography

2 Ideas Bed Shoes Jewelry Hats Cars Portraits Body parts Furniture Lamp Clocks Animals In order to give us an idea of where to start we began by creating a mind map of objects that we may be able to find whilst tracing the linage of an image. We have decided to focus on shoes as after doing some online the object has stems back to at least 1886.

3 Chanel Gun Shoes (2009) Chanel Summer 2009 footwear with heel revolver, designed by Laurence Decade and Karl Lagerfeld Nowadays shoes tell all about the person you are, whether your wealthy or just an ordinary 9-5 working person. Fashion has become a big part in the type of shoes people buy

4 John Maurad Painted on Shoe (2009) New York Magazine needed to recreate the appearance of shoes on actual feet using just make up, they contacted Temptu. Body paints John Maurad and Jenai Chin created the results for the article titled “You Walk Wrong “

5 Michel Tcherevkoff Leaf Shoe (2007) This work was inspired by an upside down leaf Tcherevkoff spotted that reminded him of a shoe. From this idea his series, Shoe Fleur, was born. After he photographs flowers and leaves in his studio (near the Flower District in Chelsea), he uses Photoshop to arrange the elements and create the shoes that feature in his book Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy.

6 Bread shoes R.E Praspaliauskas The twin brothers E & R Praspaliauskas are conceptual and product designers who live and work in Vilnius, Lithuania. They designed a collection of shoes made of bread. Called Bread Shoes (of course), the products come in a variety of designs and dough recipes. Every pair is unique and comes with a best suitable, hand-picked cardboard box. praspaliauskas /

7 Tied Together Arketipintel This simple concept of tying two shoes together is done wonderfully. An artistic representation of what many office workers feel Monday to Friday under their desks.

8 Woman tying her shoe (1918) Artist: Renoir, Pierre Auguste Renoir has taken the everyday task of tying a shoe and created a warm, glowing painting. His use of warm colors on the subjects body automatically draws the viewer to the task in hand. The object (shoe) is not the main focus of the painting which may make the object insignificant however the subjects positioning on the chair shows the significance of the object.

9 A Pair of shoes (1886) Van Gogh Van Gogh purchased the object from a flea market and wore them to death to deliberately create a sense of hard work within his oil painting. Van Gogh created this painting as a tribute to the working man to show their hard work. ‘dirty shoes and roses can both be good in the same way’.

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