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Just because I'm an ANIMAL doesn't mean I DON'T have a voice

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1 Just because I'm an ANIMAL doesn't mean I DON'T have a voice

2 Introduction Hello members of the world government, my name is Leshaye and I’m a member of the O.S.C.A.R Foundation. O.S.C.A.R is a foundation that is wanting to stop Animal Cruelty, because it’s not necessary to be cruel to animals. So I've made a PowerPoint to provide you with some facts on why Animal Cruelty is dreadful. Animal Cruelty is a world wide problem that is getting worse. Many people don't understand that it’s such a big problem.

3 Solutions Some of the things being done are extremely helpful, like calling certain numbers or reporting a person to the government if they are being cruel. Another solution is by joining a charity that supports the stopping animal cruelty because by supporting them the money you pay for a membership goes towards stopping animal cruelty. By adopting an animal from a shelter doesn’t only help the animal but the shelter too so that they can afford better treatment and better facilities for the animals that are still there.

4 Cruelty

5 Solutions that should be in place
Some solutions that should be in place are that if people doing anything cruel even if its minor they will be hit with a hefty fine. That when people go to a vet or an animal shelter to buy an animal, they have to fill out a form saying that they won’t be cruel to their animal in anyway. Also a vet will come and check on the owner making sure that they are not being cruel to the animal. If an animal is being treated in a cruel way the owner should be punished by the police take their licence away for 5 months. Animal Cruelty has become such a big thing big enough that this solution should be in place. It’s that no matter what animal a person adopts they have to have a licence to keep the animal, the owner has points and every time the owner doesn’t not bring the pet into the vet for a check, after being told several times they will lose points. If they lose all their points they will lose the animal.

6 What is the point of Animal Cruelty?
Some people are cruel to animals for enjoyment Others do it because they feel good about themselves Some people do it because they have nothing better to do with their time but to put poor inanest animals through pain. Some people do it simply because they are silly There is no real point of animal cruelty

7 How you can help Some of the things you can do to help are
If you see someone being cruel to any animal call If you were at the scene try to remember as much information on the description of the animals and the person as you can. You can call OSCAR on or go to their website at A good thing to do is make sure that when you see someone being cruel tell the police straight away. Now I hop that you have a better understanding of why animal cruelty needs to be stopped.


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