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Welcome to the world of Steinel Sensors. 6 European manufacturing sites Founded 1959 Worldwide Sales 1.200 Employees 105 Mio. Euro Group Turnover p. year.

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1 Welcome to the world of Steinel Sensors

2 6 European manufacturing sites Founded 1959 Worldwide Sales 1.200 Employees 105 Mio. Euro Group Turnover p. year Facts about Steinel

3 Herzebrock-Clarholz Leipzig-Mölkau Einsiedeln Switzerland Liberec Czech Republic Curtea de Arges Romania Chisinau Moldavia The Steinel Group German Quality made in Europe

4 6 own subsidaries: STEINEL (UK) Ltd., United Kingdom STEINEL America Inc., U.S.A. Duvauchel SA, France I. Müller, Austria STEINEL Trading SRL, Romania STEINEL Middle East AG, U.A.E. Export to 70 countries worldwide Minneapolis Peterborough Lille Wien Christian-Brasov Dubai Steinel Worldwide Sales

5 Steinel Headoffice, Germany

6 Overview Different types of sensors

7 Motion Detectors - Outdoors Watching over outdoor areas and buildings, for controlling lights efficiently. Wall, ceiling and corner mounting possible. Motion Detectors - Indoors Watching over thoroughfares in buildings, for controlling existing lights efficiently. Wall, ceiling and recessed versions possible. Presence Detectors - Indoors Ultra-precision surveillance for common and highly frequented areas in buildings. Light only 'ON' when someone is present, automatic constant lighting control and dimming function. Can also control HVAC, KNX or Dali systems. OVERVIEW

8 SensorLights - Outdoors Combined systems of light plus integrated sensor. SensorLights - Indoors Combined systems of light plus sensor for use in buildings, for passageways and corridors, for WCs, cloakrooms, stairwells etc. Sensor-Switched Floodlights - Outdoors Instantaneous bright light as soon as movement is detected. LED or halogen, all areas around buildings. OVERVIEW

9 Sensor types ? What technologies are available from Steinel? PIR vs. HF ? ? ?

10 PIR Basics PIR (Pyroelectric Infra Red)

11 PIR Basics The PIR is a passive system: only a receiver! The PIR receives infrared rays and therefore only reacts to radiated heat The PIR is therefore a heat sensor ( pyrosensor ) The PIR sensor needs movment Pyroelectric infrared motion detectors (PIR): What is important ?

12 PIR Basics What is important about the movement? Tangential movement Radial movement

13 Factors that influece the range of a PIR sensor system: PIR Basics Size of the object emitting radiation Temperature difference between the object emitting radiation and the environment, where the following applies: the greater the temperature difference, the further the reach Weather influences such as rain, snow and fog, etc... The direction of movement of the object emitting radiation The speed at which the object moves through the detection zone TIP: Locate PIR sensors with a clear line-of-view of the area to be covered. Place the sensor perpendicular to likely movement, as a person is most easily detected when crossing the boundary between one Fresnel lens element and another.

14 PIR Lens What are the different types of PIR lenses? Fresnel Lens SensorsMulti-Lens Sensors

15 Active area Infrared radiation from this area is picked up by the pyro detector Passive area The detector is „blind“ for this area Detection segment Active + passive area } Segment lens Pyro detector Sneak-by protection (level B) Angle of coverage (level A) Fresnel Lens

16 Level B (sneak-by protection) Level A (Area of coverage) Range Max. 12m ( depending on the premises and surrounding conditions ) - in the tangential walking direction To be reduced to up to 2m by pivoting the sensor Detection zone individually adjustable by shrouds 130° lens 180° lens 140° lens Fresnel Lens

17 Augustin-Jean Fresnel was a French engineer who contributed significantly to the establishment of the theory of wave optics. Fresnel studied the behaviour of light both theoretically and experimentally. He is perhaps best known as the inventor of the Fresnel lens, first adopted in lighthouses while he was a French commissioner of lighthouses, and found in many applications today. Fresnel Lens

18 Multilens

19 Active zonePassive zone 1 Pyrodetector2 Pyrodetectors3 Pyrodetectors Coverage angle 120° Coverage angle 240° Coverage angle 360° Multilens

20 Angle of aperture: 180° Reach selectable to 12 m or 5 m ( depending on the premisses and surrounding conditions ) Detection zone adjustable by tuning the lens Shrouds for precise reach adjustmant Detection rangePrinciple 2 Pyrodetectors Active zonePassive zone 12 m 5 m 12 m 5 m Multilens

21 Good or bad ? PIR Sensor placement

22 Good or bad ?

23 PIR Sensor placement Good or bad ?

24 HF basics HF (high frequency)

25 HF radar

26 HF sensors

27 High frequency sensor (HF): What is important ? HF basics The high frequency sensor is an active system: transmitter and receiver! The transmitter of the high frequency module sends electromagnetic waves and receives the echo reflected by walls and objects. If there is no motion in the detection zone, the reflection echo is constant and the electronics do not switch any light ON

28 High frequency sensor (HF): How does it work? HF basics The third common tecnnology is high frequency (HF) ultrasound or ultrasonic sensors. HF works exactly the same as a bat's "radar" or a submarine's "sonar." The sensor sends out a high frequency sound wave that bounces around the space and returns to the sensor. Any movement that disturbs the wave activates the sensor. HF sensors can be very sensitive and can read through many materials including the most commonly used interior construction materials and glass. From a human occupancy standpoint, HF's big limitation is that it responds to any motion, not just human presence. For example, an open window and rustling curtains or a moving window shade or, in an office environment a piece of paper coming out of a printer, can activate an HF sensor even if no one is there.

29 HF basics Interference with different materials Steel concrete (20 cm thick): approx. 90 % Sandwich wood wall (8 cm thick): approx. 10 % Office cabinetry wall (2 x 40 cm thick): approx 30 %

30 Advantages of HF sensors: HF sensorlights No more searching for the switch, Light comes on automatically indoors Prompt light in response to movement Peace of mind, convenience and energy saving; because of latest HF-Sensor Technology Looks like a „normal“ interior lamp, HF-Sensor is concealed behind the glass shade

31 Using the right sensor Motion vs. presence

32 Motion detectors: Detection: Walking movements Application: Indoors and outdoors Indoors: garages, corridors, storerooms Outdoors: driveways, entrances, car parks, carports, fronts of buildings Motion detectors provide convenience, safety and security Motion vs. Presence detectors

33 Presence detectors: Detection: Even the tiniest movement, also sedentary activities Application: Offices, classrooms, conference rooms etc. High rooms: warehouses, sports halls etc. Additional control of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or constant lighting control Presence detectors provide maximum energy efficiency and convenience The most important issue for a successful occupancy sensor installation is to understand the strengths and limitations of each type of sensor and to choose the appropriate sensor for the application. Occupancy sensors can save significant amounts of energy and take the human factor out of remembering to turn off the lights, the air conditioner and any other equipment that only needs to be on when there is human presence. Motion vs. Presence detectors

34 Using the right sensor Application

35 Where to put a Steinel sensor or sensor light?

36 Thank you!

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