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GP Fanfare A New Approach to Information Management for GPs.

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1 GP Fanfare A New Approach to Information Management for GPs

2 Data, data, everywhere! Referral forms New and revised services Pathways, guidelines and protocols Alerts Contact details

3 A shrinking NHS 85% and reducing Increasingly tightly controlled by GP commissioners Information management getting easier

4 A growing independent & voluntary sector 15% and increasing More and more choices Controlled by no-one Information management getting harder

5 Ever-increasing specialisation Specialities and sub-specialities Niche services

6 A changing workforce More sessional and locum work More part timers Greater mobility “Time out” Sabbaticals Maternity leave

7 Better-informed patients Often know what they want Don’t know how to access what they want Need the GP to be a “navigator”

8 Increasing pressure to do more in the consultation Matching PUNs (Patients’ Unmet Needs) with EARs (Easily Accessible Resources) Niche need with niche resource

9 The problems with web listings... Not comprehensive – independent and voluntary sector often poorly represented Keeping documents up to date - very administrator-dependent Not always easily searchable

10 GP fanfare Universal document repository Any document tag-able (PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, PDF) Searchable NHS, independent and voluntary sectors Free to all users

11 GP fanfare – viewer portal Secure – password controlled Intuitive search facility “Favourites” list Directory of posters

12 GP fanfare – poster portal Secure – password controlled Upload facility Extensive list of tag terms – ability to add more Edit/delete facility

13 A spectrum of users GPs – established principals - new locums Other clinical staff Managers ?Main information portal ?Sits alongside commissioners portal and practice intranet

14 Screen shots The following screens show how documents are uploaded and searched for:

15 Uploading a document








23 Document search Simple search




27 Document search Advanced search


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