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Dr Deepen Patel MBBS BSc – GPST3

2 August 2014 intake Round 1 - All posts to commence August 2014
Applications can be submitted from 10.00am Tuesday 12th November 2013 Applications MUST be submitted by 17:00 on Thursday 5th December 2013 No late applications will be accepted under any circumstances Foundation Competence evidence submitted by 17:00 on Thursday 5th December 2013 Evidence MUST be attached to the application form at the time of submission. Stage 2 (Computer Based Test) From Saturday 4th January up to and including Saturday 11th January Places can be booked, on invitation, from 6th December 2013 once your application has been accepted. For details regarding an overseas assessment please see the FAQ’s for more information

3 Academic interviews (for those applying for an Academic GP programme)
w/c 27th January 2014 Stage 3 (Selection Centre) From 3rd February - 14th February Places must be booked by 30th January 2014 Offers out By 5th March offers may be released early if the deaneries are able to do so. Offers accepted by Within 48 hours of offer Held offers accepted or declined by 12th March 2014 Local Clearing commences From 12th March 2014 onwards as offers are accepted / declined National Clearing From 17th March 2014 or as soon after as possible

4 Round 2-remaing posts Applications can be submitted from
10.00am Tuesday 18th March The online application form can be accessed at this time Applications MUST be submitted by 17:00 on Thursday 3rd April No late applications will be accepted under any circumstances Foundation Competence evidence submitted by 17:00 on Thursday 3rd April Evidence MUST be attached to the application form at the time of submission. Stage 2 (Computer Based Test) Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th April Places can be booked, on invitation, from 14th April 2014 once application has been accepted by long-listing deanery. No overseas assessment centres will be available during Round 2. Stage 3 (Selection Centre) Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th May 2014 Offers out Around 16th May offers may be released early if the deaneries are able to do so. Offers accepted by Within 48 hours of offer. National Clearing - From 26th May 2014 or as soon after as possible PLEASE NOTE: Vacancy details will not be available until Round 1 has concluded and any applications will initially be for GP training Nationally, with the ability to preference LETB/deaneries with remaining vacancies at a later date.

5 Stage 2 – Computer test 2 parts Professional dilemmas 110 mins
Clinical problem solving 75mins If you pass this you get invited to stage 3 – selection Centre

6 Stage 3 – Selection Centre
3 consultations -10 mins each Consultation with patient Consultation with friend/relative Consultation with non medical colleague Written exercise - 30mins Prioritisation of ranking issues and justification

7 Programme offer and National Clearing

8 Kings Lynn – GP Training Scheme
Why come to Kings Lynn…. The King's Lynn Scheme is one of the oldest schemes in the country and has been in existence for over 40 years.  These years of experience; past (and current) dedicated Trainers and Hospital specialists have made it a hugely successful and  popular scheme. The hospital is a great place to work - a real 'family' atmosphere - a fact commented upon during a recent East of England Deanery visit to assess our training across the hospital.  The training practices and their staff are equally friendly and welcoming and offer a fantastic base from which to start, or continue, your training.

9 For those of you who trained elsewhere and who are not familiar with us, the hospital or the locale - it really is worth talking to us or visiting the area before you decide where to train.  The majority of the trainees who did not originally train (ie during their foundation posts) at King's Lynn have settled in the area and a significant amount are now involved with training the current trainees. The area surrounding King's Lynn (itself an historical town with its origins in the 12th century) is fantastically diverse from it's world famous beaches (think of the beach scenes from Shakespeare in Love) to its densely populated woodlands such as Elveden Forest, home to Centre Parks.  For nature lovers, the huge areas of wetlands, homes to thousands of species of birds, together with stunning scenery (and probably the 'biggest sky' in the UK) is a draw, whilst the more active can cycle, wind and kite surf, sail and swim from one of the most stunning coasts in the UK.  For those of you who occasionally hanker after a more cosmopolitan environment, Norwich is only 45 mins away and there is a great rail link with Cambridge and you can be in London within 2 hours (but you'll be so glad to come back again!).  Throw in numerous gastro pubs and Michelin starred restaurants

10 Programme Directors & Teaching
The King's Lynn scheme is led by two Programme Directors (PDs) – Dr Leena Deol and Dr Richard Musson.  Both are GPs based at local training practices and are enthusiastic, committed and approachable Education programme: The Scheme's education is delivered via a half-day release course held at the hospital every Wednesday afternoon ( pm). The topics for the programme are generated, in part, by the trainees themselves.  Each quarter, a 'review/preview' is held where the trainees review the previous programme's teaching (which they evaluated at the time of delivery).  They then choose whether it would be beneficial to repeat any of these sessions in the future.  Discussion and sharing ideas then generate a new list of possible topics for future programmes. Always on the programme (usually twice per quarter) are sessions on consultation skills.  Trainees are asked to submit their own video consultations which are then discussed within the safe environment of a small group with a trained facilitator.  Programmes would also normally feature a proportion of 'when to refer' sessions led by a hospital specialist (ie ENT or O&G) who discuss common conditions found in general practice and give insight into how and when these should be referred to the hospital.  GP registrar presentations also feature quite often and we try to incorporate at least one or two group visits to a local training practice. We also try to incorporate a few 'out of school' sessions to allow team-building and learning with the GP Trainer group. Most afternoons are split into two with the first half dedicated to an invited speaker and the second spent on group work, focusing on general practice issues

11 Working Week 10 sessions 7 clinical sessions
2 structured educational sessions 1 self directed learning Each session approx 4hrs OOH – 6hrs/months – 18 month GP placement = 108hrs

12 MRCGP Compulsory exit exam AKT – Applied Knowledge Test
Clinical Skills Assessment CSA WBPA – Workplace Based Assessment Costs – AIT registration £799 (3 years) AKT £430 CSA £1445 CCT Certification £500 TOTAL £3174

13 AKT 3 hours- 200 questions 3 sittings - Feb, May, Oct Max 4 attempts
Computerised Test – Pearson Vue Cant attempt only ST2 or later Recommended – min 3 months of GP exposure EMQ/SBA 80% -Clinical Medicine (GP) 10 % - Critical appraisal 10% - Statistics

14 CSA Simulated surgery 13 cases Actor and examiner rotate
10 mins per consultation Rest 15mins after 7 cases Domains Data gathering Clinical Management Interpersonal Skills Each domain is marked out of 3 Need roughly 75/117 to pass

15 Work Place Based Assessment
E – Portfolio Ongoing assessment throughout training Checkpoints needed to pass via ESR and ARCP to progress PSQ - Patient satisfaction Questionnaires Consultation Observation Tools (COT) Multi-source Feedback – MSF Case Based Discussion – CBD Direct Observation of Procedural Skills – DOPS Mini-Clinical Examination Exercise – Mini CEX Clinical Supervisors Report - CSR

16 E Portfolio Record and manage your learning Record check points
Results for examination via eportfolio Reflection on learning


18 Thank you for listening!
Summary Choose GP training as a speciality Good work life balance Kings Lynn GP Training is a fantastic programme No more nights and weekends and ward rounds!! GP is exciting and challenging Thank you for listening!


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