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BIFM Scotland 2011 Facility Managers: Our Dynamic Future.

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1 BIFM Scotland 2011 Facility Managers: Our Dynamic Future

2 What will FM look like in the future?

3 FM in the Past

4 FM in 2001 FM had a low profile Few were FM qualified FM budgets were under pressure New FM models were under debate FM information was poor FM service was awful

5 Developments since 2001 “New” Ways of Working Technology in and out of the workplace Mature FM supply chain Sustainability SIC 8110 FM a recognised term Asset Skills Chartered status through RICS

6 Innovation Reflects Society

7 Workplace Trends Wireless, Remote, Seamless technology Agile working “intelligent” Buildings Green Buildings Legislation, Legislation, Legislation Shifting demographics Rising service expectations Energy a major focus

8 FM Industry Trends Self delivery model increasingly popular Skill shortages at all levels Bigger players extending technical expertise and offerings Diversification into Real Estate and niche services Property players repositioning towards FM FM players talking green More single service players offering FM Some FM operators at risk Continued market consolidation

9 FM Profession Trends Qualifications galore but slow take up Training below industry averages H&S an exception FM apprenticeships RICS campaign Green on the margins More from less New, young entrants Social media

10 The Evolution of FM Reactive, Tactical Property Management Task Focussed RepairsCleaning Guarding Catering Support Churn Projects Compliance Proactive, Strategic Facilities Management Objective Focussed MaintenanceEnvironmentSpace Security Wellness Service Plans Contribution

11 Our Agenda for a Dynamic Future Understanding stakeholders changing needs Adjusting our strategies quickly Enhancing our key competences – Efficiency – Communication – Service – Innovation – Collaboration

12 WWW.FMGURU.CO.UK Thank you

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