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Should I choose a GCSE in Design and Technology ?.

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1 Should I choose a GCSE in Design and Technology ?

2 Design and Technology subjects are a way in which you can develop your c Re a t i v e, problem solving and analytical skills. Nearly everything we own has had a designer involved in its journey to manufacture.

3 Design skills might lead to a career in architecture...... Engineering design. Product Design. Computer games design. Illustration. Car Design. Furniture design.

4 A career as a chef.............. Food taster. Recipe developer. Food fact just being able to cook is a life skill that you can always use...... TV CHEF.

5 Be a Fashion Designer............. Fashion buyer. Theatre costume designer. Pattern designer. Tailor. Work for a Fashion magazine. Shoe designer.

6 Your choices............ Design and Technology offers three different GCSE’s: Food. Product Design. Textiles. Each area allows you to build on your previous skills. Ultimately you will be able to choose what you design and make, guided by your teacher to make sure you meet the course requirements.

7 Year 11 practical.... It’s all about your design choices.

8 GCSE structure The examination board is AQA. Each course consists of the following elements: Coursework: worth 60%. A project that includes both practical work and a written project. Examination: worth 40%. A two hour paper that tests your subject knowledge and creativity through design. These subjects develop key life skills and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to problem solve, experiment and analyse. Skills that you will use everyday even if you decide not to pursue a design based activity as a career choice.

9 What happens after my GCSE If you are successful in either Art, Product Design or Textiles at GCSE then you might wish to join us for an ‘A’ Level in Art, Craft and An exciting opportunity to experiment with design through the development of portfolio’s of work that culminate in either a three dimensional focus piece or a fabric based piece of design. The course has no theory examination and you show your knowledge through your portfolio presentations. ? Design.

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