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Business Studies at Key Stage 4 Miss George Mrs Tattersall.

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1 Business Studies at Key Stage 4 Miss George Mrs Tattersall

2 What is GCSE Business? Do you like to carry out research and make recommendations? Applying logic and theory to situations? Being able to complete an exam with a modular approach? Do you like looking at real life case studies? A small element of coursework based on research, knowledge and findings? Applying logic and theory to situations? Like weighing up pros and cons?

3 Roundwood Park School What kind of questions do we ask in Business? How can lowering the price of a product generate more profits for a firm? What is the best way to motivate an unproductive, lazy worker? What are cash cows and why should firms ideally have a few of these? What has been the impact of organisations such as Amazon, Apple and Tesco on small, localised businesses?

4 How is the course made up? 2 Units Small Business & Growing Business Controlled Assessment = 25% Mark Issues involved in starting up and managing a new business Explore the issues that businesses face as they expand Investigating a business and put forward a proposal GCSE Business Studies

5 Assessment Two exams at the end of year 11 - 1hr 15 minutes each Both are worth a % of your final grade The questions consist of both short answer questions (no multiple choice) and longer, essay style questions using real life case studies as a focus point. Coursework will only be completed in Year 11

6 Topics Roundwood Park School

7 What skills will I learn? Written Analytical and problem solving Numerical Presentation Research Communication Team working Business Awareness

8 Roundwood Park School What were we doing last week in our lessons? Year 10 Understanding the Marketing Mix – Price Product Place Promotion Researching how differing companies use a variety of techniques to target the market Looking at the success and implications of these techniques Cash Flow Forecasting Formulas and the importance of being able to produce, update and understand cash flow within a business Year 11 Controlled Assessment Researching a local company? Understanding what products and services it has and uses? Connecting theory to case study and analysis of success ? Giving recommendations to improve service?

9 What will the qualification lead to? Sixth form College Employment It is relevant to the world of work, Employers value the qualification There are real opportunities to progress in education or employment. You will gain valuable skills When you leave school and wish to get a job, you will understand a little more about the way a business works. If you choose not to become an employee, you will perhaps have the skills and knowledge to start your own business. Learning is ‘hands-on’

10 Exam Results AS Results 2014 94.7% A* - E Grades A2 Results 2014 100% A* - E Grades

11 Thank you for listening Any questions? We will look forward to seeing you next year!

12 Business Studies AQA - GCSE Business Studies AQA - A Level Business Studies AQA - A Level Economics

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