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MATH IV 2 ND 9 WEEKS DAILY WARM UPS Oct 14 th – Oct 31 st.

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1 MATH IV 2 ND 9 WEEKS DAILY WARM UPS Oct 14 th – Oct 31 st

2 The Central Limit Theorem states that if samples of size thirty or higher are drawn from any population with a mean and standard deviation, then the sampling distribution of sample means approximates a normal distribution and the larger the sample size, the closer the result is to ____________________. (MM4D1) a) the true population mean b) the true sample standard deviation c) the true sample size. d) the true population standard deviation. Oct 14, 2013

3 Fifty recent tests of an automobile’s mileage indicate it averages 21 mi/gal with standard deviation 1.8 mi/gal. Assuming the distribution is normal, find the 99% confidence interval. (MM4D2) Oct 15, 2013

4 Oct 16, 2013 Given the following information concerning IQ scores: µ =100 and σ =15 Using the Empirical Rule what % fall between the scores 70 and 115? (MM4D1)

5 Suppose that a quality control manager wishes to measure the average amount of cleaning fluid that is placed in their 12 ounce bottles. How large a sample must be taken in order to be 95% confident that the sample mean is within.05 ounces of the population mean given that = 0.3 (MM4D2) OCT 18 TH, 2013 - Video on creating baseball bats. Oct 17, 2013

6 1.) The z-value corresponding to a number below the mean is _____________________________. 2.) In a particular study, teenagers were polled on the average number of hours per week they work. A 95% confidence level was found to be (15.8, 21.2 ). Interpret the finding. (MA3D2) (Choose the best statement.) a) We are 95% confident that the true population mean of the number of hours worked by a teenager per week is found somewhere between 15.8 hours and 21.2 hours per week. b) We are confident that 95% of teenagers work between 15.8 and 21.2 hours per week. c) We are 95 % confident that the average number of teenagers that work per week is between 15.8 and 21.2 teenagers. Oct 21, 2013

7 In the city of Marietta, Georgia, 35% of all Ipods sold were the color white in one particular month. If a random sample of 14 stores were polled find the 99% confidence interval for the population of white Ipods sold. (assume normal distribution) (MA3D2) Oct 22, 2013

8 A pharmaceutical company claims that its antacid contains an average of 295 mg of its active ingredient in each tablet with a standard deviation of 13.25 mg. Students in a chemistry class analyzed 35 tablets to determine the amount of active ingredient. What is the probability that a sample will have a mean greater than 300.92 ? (MM4D1) Oct 23/28, 2013 Oct 24 th – Mrs. Meadows out Oct 25 th – Quiz Oct 26 th – Video: Science on Mars

9 Oct 29, 2013

10 Oct 30 th : Test Oct 31 st : No warm up Oct 30, 2013

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