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School Board Workshop ERP Update and Phase II Contract July 26, 2006.

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1 School Board Workshop ERP Update and Phase II Contract July 26, 2006

2 Agenda I.Call to Order II.Opening Remarks III.ERP Update IV.Phase II V.Public Comments VI.Adjournment The School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida SPECIAL MEETING - ERP Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center Board Room July 26, 2006 4:00 – 4:45 p.m.

3 Phase I Phase I Modules Financials Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Asset Management Billing eProcurement/Purchasing General Ledger Inventory Projects Enterprise Portal Human Capital Management Benefits Administration Candidate Gateway Talent Acquisition Manager Human Resources Payroll Time & Labor

4 Phase I Statistics 45,000 active employees, retirees, or substitutes 78,000 separate jobs 125,000 assets converted 4100 purchase orders converted 150 vendor interfaces consolidated into 40 8,100,000 balances calculated and recorded 400 people trained in 11 subject areas 7000 meetings (estimated) 475 opinions from active participants

5 Who Has Contributed? Human Resources – 50+ participants Financials - 50+ participants Information Technology - 40+ participants School Sites - 300+ participants Committees - 20+ participants ERP Team – 15 participants

6 Phase I Status Financials Modules HCM Modules –Recruiting Status –Payroll Status –Time Collection Devices Support Through August 31

7 Phase II Modules and Initiatives Phase II Modules ePay eProfile eBenefits Expenses Strategic Sourcing eSupplier Connection Deal Management Cash Management Internal Accounts Rework Minority/Women and Small Business Initiative Allowing Teachers Directly Enter Requisitions Out of Field Year-end Payroll Processing Phase I Production Support PO Rollover Support Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) ePerformance Budget Preparation Request for Leave

8 Phase II – Cost Project Management 329,868.00 ePay 46,704.00 eProfile 25,830.00 eBenefits 314,580.00 Expenses 243,600.00 Strategic Sourcing 299,670.00 eSupplier 161,700.00 PO Rollover 53,505.00 EPM 619,920.00 Deal Management 180,810.00 Cash Management 180,810.00 Modifications/Interfaces/Reports 130,872.00 Support 540,708.00 Internal Accounts 415,632.00 MWBE/SBE 241,080.00 Budget Prep 461,160.00 Year End Processing Payroll 34,440.00 Out of Field 99,876.00 Teachers Entering Requisitions 34,440.00 ePerformance 396,480.00 Request for Leave Redesign 163,590.00 Total 4,975,275.00

9 Phase II – Cost Phase II Cost: $4,975,275 Phase II Contingency: $840,000 (rolled from Phase I) Total: $5,815,275

10 Questions? ERP Website:

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