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West Liberty High School Student-Parent Handbook S.O.A.R. to Success 2010-2011.

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1 West Liberty High School Student-Parent Handbook S.O.A.R. to Success 2010-2011

2  Our Comet Code to promote POSITIVE BEHAVIORS:  Self-Discipline  Ownership  Achievement  Respect S.O.A.R. to Success!

3  Be in the classroom before the bell rings.  Wear appropriate clothing.  Use cell phone only in designated areas.  Have your ID with you at all times. Self-Discipline

4  Bring planner, writing utensil, and other classroom materials.  Take pride in your school.  Take off hats when entering the building and leave them in your locker.  Report any serious concerns to staff. Ownership

5  Be on time to all classes.  Complete work on time.  Be leaders by words and examples.  Check in/out when leaving the building during school day. Achievement

6  Respect rights of all students and staff.  Listen to and follow directions from staff.  Treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect

7  Is it TRUE?  Is it KIND?  Is it NECESSARY? Before you speak, text, write, or post, ASK yourself…

8  The Student-Parent Handbook may be accessed on the school website.  It is the responsibility of you, as the student, to read and understand all policies.  Following are major points…

9  Students are expected to be in class and on time, ready to learn.  Tardies, truancies, unexcused absences, and excessive absences will result in consequences. Attendance (p.6-9)

10  If a student has more than 1 tardy, he/she will serve a 15 minute detention.  Excessive tardies (more than 5) will result in an attendance contract.  A student may be dropped from a class with a “WF” if they are tardy 7 times. Tardies

11  Parents/guardians have 1 day to call or write a note excusing a student from school.  An unexcused absence is defined as an absence not cleared by a parent/guardian or deliberate skipping of a class.  If a student reaches their 3rd unexcused absence and/or truancy he/she will be put on an attendance contract.  Attendance contract violations will result in being dropped from the course with a “WF”. Unexcused Absences/Truancy (p.7-8)

12  Add  have 5 school days at the beginning of the term  Drop  20 school days for 9 week class  30 school days for semester length class Add/Drop a Course (p.12)

13  Take responsibility for your life by dressing for success!  Your clothing and appearance are the first impression others have of you.

14  Dress appropriately for your age. Cover your midriff, chest, and torso.  Wear clothing that is not distracting to the educational environment. No tube tops, spaghetti straps, backless or strapless Wear clean, well-fitting clothing without holes.  Hats or head coverings are to be removed when entering the building and kept in lockers.  Coats, backpacks, gym bags, etc. are to be kept in lockers not classrooms. Dress Code (p.20)

15 Definition – any intentional hostile or offensive verbal, written, graphic, demonstrative, or physical act that has the purpose of exerting dominion over another student through the act of intimidating, frightening, oppressing, or adversely controlling the student and is disruptive to the educational process. Bullying (p 21, 25-26)

16 Bullying Treat others the way you want to be treated! Any form of bullying or harassment will result in disciplinary action. If you experience or witness any form of bullying or harassment, please report it to the office.

17  Cell phone use is not allowed between 8:15 and 3:15 in the  Classroom  Hallways  Cell phone use is never allowed in the  Locker rooms  Restrooms  Library  Cell phone use is allowed during lunch  Outside the front doors  In the hallway between the library and office Electronic Devices (p.21)

18  Students are responsible for their own actions and for themselves.  A student who uses any electronic device at an inappropriate time will have the item confiscated to be returned at the end of the day.  An electronic device maybe be returned to the parent/guardian if it is confiscated more than once.  Continual violations will be viewed as insubordination and consequences will follow. Electronic Devices (p.21)

19  Ipods and MP3 players may be used in the commons and at the discretion of the individual teacher.  Students who use a cell phone or other device to record fights or altercations on school property at any time will be suspended. Electronic Devices

20  Have with you daily!  Use for lunch.  Use for library card and to check out laptops.  $2 fee for replacement I.D. Student I.D. (p.21-22)

21 Students who possess, handle, or transmit any object which could be used to injure another person will be subject to consequences including expulsion. Law Enforcement will be notified and criminal charges could follow. Respect rights of all students and staff. Weapons(p.22)

22  Respect others and others’ property.  Students that participate in a fight on any school district property or at any school activity can be subject to out of school suspension, expulsion, and criminal charges. Fighting (p.22)

23  Take responsibility for your life!  Possession or use of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, imitation substances, or drug paraphernalia while on school property or at a school activity will result in consequences including 10 day out of school suspension, expulsion, and criminal charges. Drug use or possession (p.23)

24  Respect rights of all students and staff!  Students are expected to follow directions of school employees.  Refusal to follow directions from a school employee and/or use of verbal or profane abuse to a school official will result in consequences which can include in-school, out of school suspension, expulsion. Insubordination (p 24)

25  School officials may search lockers, personal possessions, and vehicles parked on school property whenever there is suspicion that school district policy, state or federal law has been violated. Inspections and Searches (p.26-27)

26  School property  Assigned to each student – Keep them clean and don’t share!  Use only yours and don’t share your combination!  May be searched if there is suspicion of violation of school policy or rule.  Drug dogs may be brought in periodically. Lockers

27 Take pride in your school! Clean up after yourself!  Throw away all trash.  Clean up any spilled food.  Return trays to the dishwasher’s window.  Remain in the commons until released by the bell.  Food and drinks are allowed only in the Commons.  Be courteous and cooperative.  Get a pass to visit a teacher or counselor before lunch starts. Commons

28  Use your planner to stay organized.  Carry it with you at all times.  It is your passport to be in the hallway.  Guidance appointments must be scheduled in advance.  Passes to the Office for referral/discipline are not counted. Planners

29  This is the year for the COMETS to S.O.A.R.!  Self-discipline  Ownership  Achievement  Respect Set your goals! Aim high! Soar to Success!

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