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Chemistry Daily 10’s Week 2.

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1 Chemistry Daily 10’s Week 2

2 1 1. A theory is best described as a a. series of experimental observations. b. generalization that explains a body of known facts or phenomena. c. scientifically proven fact. d. testable statement.

3 2. Which of these statements about units of measurement is not true. a
2. Which of these statements about units of measurement is not true? a. A unit compares what is being measured with a previously defined quantity. b. A unit is usually preceded by a number. c. Measurements can be compared without knowing their units. d. The choice of unit depends on the quantity being measured.

4 2 1. All of the following are examples of units except a. mass.
b. kilometer. c. gram. d. ounce.    2. Which of these is not an SI base unit? a. kilogram b. second c. liter d. Kelvin

5 3 1. The SI base units for length and time are
a. centimeter and second. b. meter and hour. c. centimeter and hour. d. meter and second.

6 2. The symbol mm represents a. micrometer. b. millimeter. c. milliliter. d. meter.

7 4 1. Which of these metric units is used to measure mass? a. m b. mm
c. g d. L 2. The unit m3 measures a. length. b. area. c. volume. d. time.

8 5 Convert 6 cm to m using dimensional analysis.
How many significant figures are in the number 0.060?

9 Answers & Standards scsh5 1.1 - b 1.2 - c 2.1 - a 2.2 - c 3.1 - d
5.1 – 0.006

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