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Class of 2014 Preparing for your final year of high school.

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1 Class of 2014 Preparing for your final year of high school

2 Step 1 – Know where you are: Are you on track to graduate? O If yes, keep up the great work. O If not, consider night school, summer school and/or online options to catch up. Do not wait until your senior year to fit everything in. Be proactive, your education is your responsibility

3 Know where you are going: O Log into O Complete your profile O Your name, address, and other information like your social security number must match your school records in order to receive HOPE money at the end of your senior year O Take advantage of the multiple career searches, interest inventories, and college information available on

4 O You will be able to access college applications, order transcripts, and file for financial aid all through this site so it is important to create an account now and start becoming familiar with

5 Other things to consider: O Talk to friends and family about their career and college experiences O Start researching scholarship opportunities O Visit for scholarship O Take notice of college application deadlines O Early applications will often be due the beginning of November of your senior year

6 Consider visiting several college campuses O College Tour Time… GO VISITING – it is important from Chattahoochee Tech to GA Tech – Go check them out… Make it a family affair.. WgEZo&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_ mode=1&safe=active WgEZo&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_ mode=1&safe=active

7 Have you taken an ACT or SAT? O If you plan on attending a 4-year university, research the ACT/SAT requirements O You can still register for June dates at O SAT: (deadline May 2 nd ) O ACT: (deadline May 3 rd ) O For a technical school you can also consider a COMPASS test instead of the SAT/ACT test available at the technical campus

8 Summer Institute O Summer is a great time for you to participate in many exciting and enriching programs. O Many programs are designed with high school students in mind. O The next few slides will detail possible choices that CHS Counseling has been made aware of, but there are also many other choices.

9 Programs at different college campuses for high school students O Challenging courses, fun recreational and cultural activities. Specialized full or half day classes are combined with evening and weekend activities.

10 Summer College at Ole Miss study in specialized programs take top-notch academic courses for college credit get a real glimpse at what life on a college campus is like discover what professors expect of students explore the campus learn to manage free time and study hours ask questions, seek answers, and make connections build leadership and team skills make new friends and contacts both in your area of interest and on campus see and be seen by the Regional Admissions Counselor for your high school Deadlines are fast approaching so apply now.

11 Computer Science Summer Camps at Georgia Tech O June 3-7 Create your own apps O June 17-21 Beg. Creating Music with EarSketch O June 24-28 Adv Creating Music O July 29-Aug 2 Artificial life with Alice programs

12 Other Summer Programs O O O O GOOGLE College Summer Programs for an exhaustive list of opportunities.

13 Also consider employment opportunities O High School students in search of an internship or other opportunity to gain work experience need to check out the new Pathways Internship Program. O This program is designed to provide students with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in schools. O Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job in the civil service. O

14 Seasonal Jobs available at Six Flags and White Water The Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta Find them on facebook for updated job opportunities.

15 Top 2 takeaways from this presentation O If you fail a course or are behind in anyway see your counselor to discuss credit recovery opportunities. DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO ASK YOU, your education is your responsibility. O MAKE A GACOLLEGE411 ACCOUNT, and then save your login info in a place you will not lose it. (Your phone is a good place)

16 “The future depends on what you do today” The person who really wants something will find a way, a person who doesn’t, will find an excuse.

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