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1 Presentation Company and Products

2 Hug Engineering AG and the Hug Group
Founded in 1983, Hug Engineering AG is now part of the Hug Group. Hug Engineering AG has been successfully developing, engineering and manufacturing exhaust purification systems and is the leading provider for catalytic exhaust after treatment. Whilst Hug Engineering AG employs 180 staff, the Hug Group counts 250 people.

3 Hug Group Shareholders
Hug Engineering AG, Switzerland Hug Infra AG Elsau/ Switzerland H+S Metallbau AG Winterthur/Switzerland Hanwel E+E BV Enschede/Netherland Hug Engineering GmbH Magdeburg/ Germany Hug Engineering Ltd. London/Great Britain Hug Engineering SPA Milan/Italy Hug Engineering SA Paris/France Hug Filtersystems AG

4 Distribution Hug Engineering AG Switzerland Hug Engineering GmbH
Hug Engineering SPA Hug Engineering SA Subsidiary Company Germany Subsidiary Company Italy Subsidiary Company France Hug Engineering Ltd Hanwel E&E B.V. DEC Marine AB Subsidiary Company Great Britain For COdiNOx Application Netherlands For Marine Application Sweden Miratech SCR Corporation Pendent Distributor Spain CBTM Bernas Distributor USA Distributor Poland Energolux S. A. CTC Distributor Luxembourg Distributor Southeast Asia

5 Production Development and production of all components for our
Hug Engineering AG Switzerland Development and production of all components for our exhaust purification systems are made in Switzerland

6 Our certifications VERT*
DIN ISO 9001: Hug Engineering AG, Switzerland H+S Metallbau AG Suitability certificate for welding of rail vehicles and rail vehicle parts as per DIN , C2 VERT* VERT certificate is available for all our filters Certification for products used in the marine sector Marine Design Appraisal Document“ certifies the security of our products ……… Not mentioned further specific or national certifications, such as CARB (USA), etc.

7 Technology for Exhaust Purification
Fundament of the catalytic exhaust purification are the following methods: Catalytic Particulate Traps Soot Filters SCR-Selective Catalytic NOx-Reduction Catalytic CO and Hydro Carbon Oxidation

8 Catalytical Regeneration

9 SCR - Selective Catalytic NOx-Reduction
non toxic

10 Urea Hydrolization

11 Catalytic Oxidation of HC and CO

12 Technologies and Products developed and manufactured by
Technologies and Products developed and manufactured by

13 Products and Application Areas of the Catalytic Exhaust Purification
Mobile Applications: • Locomotives Railway Vehicles • Construction Machines Marine and Ships Yachts • Tractors • Commercial Vehicles Bus Stationary Applications: Electrical Power Plants • Combined Heat & Power Plant • CO2-fertilization for greenhouses • Waste Incinerators

14 Hug Engineering Products for Mobile Applications
`000 kW kW `000 kW 1` `000 kW soot filter, SCR,OXI soot filter, SCR, OXI soot filter, SCR,OXI soot filter, SCR,OXI

15 For Rail Applications mobiclean System Type FS, 150-3`000 kW
Particulate filter with burner SCR-NOx reduction

16 Euro Tunnel Locomotive Type MAK DEG4ET, 1`200 kW mobiclean FS 22
• Soot Filter (efficiency: 99%) • NOx Reduction (efficiency: 80%) • CO, HC Oxidation (efficiency: 90%) • Automatic Regeneration

17 SBB Locomotive Type Vossloh Am 843, 1`500 kW mobiclean FS 26
• Soot Filter (efficiency: 99%) • Automatic Regeneration

18 SBB Locomotive Type Tm234, 550 kW mobiclean FS 9
• Soot Filter (efficiency: 99%) • NOx Reduction (efficiency: 80%) • Automatic Regeneration

19 Railway Construction Machine Type R 21 U, 204 kW mobiclean FS 4
• Soot Filter (efficiency: 99%) • Automatic Regeneration

20 For Machinery and Truck Applications mobiclean System Type R, 15 - 650 kW

21 Samples of mobiclean Applications

22 Samples of mobiclean Applications

23 Bus & Coach mobiclean System Typ R, 150 kW, Euro 1 Euro 5
Particulate filter and SCR NOx - Reduction

24 For Marine and Yacht Applications nauticlean System Type FS, 150 - 3`000 kW
Particulate filter with automatic burner

25 For Marine Application marine System 1`000 - 40`000 kW

26 Samples of Marine Applications

27 Hug Engineering Products for Stationary Applications
`000 kW `000 kW Catalysts and Filters

28 For Stationary Applications combikat System 200 - 40`000 kW

29 Barrick Gold, Nevada USA 115 MWel Power Plant
14 Wärtsilä Gas Engines Type 20 V 34 SG

30 Chowchilla, USA California 50 MWel Power Plant
Construction phase 16 Deutz Gas Engines

31 LIPA 42, Long Island, USA 92 MWel Power Plant
42 Cummins Diesel Engines

32 Waste Incinerator Benesse Maremne France

33 Greenhouse Application, CO2 Fertilization COdiNOx System 200 - 3`000 kW

34 COdiNOx COdiNOx Plant for CO2 fertilization in greenhouses

35 COdiNOx COdiNOx System, 3 MWe

36 Catalysts and Filters SCR Catalyst Oxidations Catalyst
Catalytic Soot Filter

37 Research and Development Engineering and Manufacturing By Hug Engineering

38 Research and Development
Catalyst and Ceramic Research • Test Rigs • Development Laboratories

39 Catalyst and Ceramic Research
Thermophysikalische Eigenschaften

40 Ceramic Development Laboratory

41 Catalyst Development Laboratory

42 R & D – Test Rig

43 Engineering and Construction

44 Converter Manufacturing

45 Catalyst Production

46 Catalyst Calzination and Cutting

47 Catalyst Installation in the Converter

48 Control System Manufacturing

49 Service and Spare Parts

50 Thank you for your interest
Hug Engineering AG, located in Elsau / Winterthur is the leading manufacturer of exhaust purification systems. Hug Engineering AG is part of the Hug Group. The Group`s exhaust gas purification systems are successfully used worldwide Hug Engineering AG Environmental technology Exhaust gas purification system Im Geren 14 CH-8352 Elsau Switzerland Tel Fax

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