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1 The Don Calabria social services to people with disabilities Marina Dello Russo - Verona, 15 May 2008.

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1 1 The Don Calabria social services to people with disabilities Marina Dello Russo - Verona, 15 May 2008

2 2 THE SOCIAL AREA TARGET & AIMS Target: Adults with disability from 18 to 55 at the end of their training, therapeutic/ rehabilitative phase. The average attendance is 84 persons/day. Aims: - to help them reaching autonomy and expressing their potentialities; - to let them to express their own adult identity; - to promote positive relationships with the community and the environment.

3 3 THE SOCIAL AREA: THE SERVICES Day Centre for disabled people; Residential service (flats for groups); Moreover: - Individual projects for the social inclusion in the community; - Relief and temporary hospitality services.

4 4 It’s a centre for social and occupational activities for adults. The activities are implemented either in workshops and dedicated places, or in the community. One activity is located outside the Center, in a green area on the Verona hills, where people can do gardening. The activities are carried on by a multidisciplinary equip. THE SOCIAL AREA: DAY CENTRE FOR PWD

5 5 THE SOCIAL AREA: RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Groups of adults with disability live in flats in the community, in Verona. The aim is giving them the opportunity of living significant relationships promoting their autonomy. The social inclusion and socialization are implemented exploiting the resources offered by the community itself. These flats are organised as a family, with flexible and targeted services. Number of hosted people: 12 Numer of flats disseminated in the city: 3

6 6 ODC “After us” Foundation

7 7 WHAT THE “AFTER US” IS? People with disability become adults Parents are ageing How and where people with disability will live? Who will care of them?

8 8 THE PRESSING NEEDS to recognise to adults with disabilities the opportunities to plan their future to support families that feel “alone” to move the approach of residential services from an emergency intervention to a planned solution

9 9 PLANNING THE FUTURE MEANS.. not only to have an house where to live but mainly... legal protection public resources to guarantee the standard of assistance personal economical resources to improve the quality of life

10 10 WHAT THE FOUNDATION IS? The “After us” Foundation is a tool at families’ disposal to build today the future of people with disabilities, performing a parental role.

11 11 WHAT THE FOUNDATION IS? The “After us” Foundation was born in the framework of ODC but it is independent from it on a legal and economical point of view; It is not a service provider; Its target are adults with disabilities and their families, even if they are not ODC clients

12 12 MISSION To support the family until there is a family To co-operate with the community services To replace the family when the family doesn’t exist any more

13 13 THE ANSWERS OF THE FOUNDATION 1. “The project of life” professional help to support the parents in planning the future of their son/daughter in cooperation with community services continuous monitoring of the quality of life

14 14 THE ANSWERS OF THE FOUNDATION 2. “The legal protection” support families in choosing the best tools for the legal protection

15 15 THE ANSWERS OF THE FOUNDATION 3. Special consultants on Managing and increasing the estate: Trust, perpetuity, insurance, investments, wills, legacies

16 16 THE ACTIVITIES Information and counselling given by a team of social assistance, lawyer, notary and accountants with degree in economics; Training courses to families and people with disabilities; Collection of economical resources to build different housing settings; Innovation to planning home solutions

17 17 FINANCING Contribution of Public Institutions Assets of the person/family Private donations, legacies Ethic Found with mutual adjustments

18 18 THE NETWORK OF FOUNDATIONS In order to share best practice and develop common methodologies, the “ODC After us Foundation” join the Network of Italian Foundations

19 19 CONCLUSION The “ODC After us Foundation” aims to guarantee equal opportunities and rights of the people with disability to choose the place and the persons where to live.

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