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Building the Environment for the Things as a Service GWS 2014 - Aalborg Sergio García (ATOS)

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1 Building the Environment for the Things as a Service GWS Aalborg Sergio García (ATOS)

2 2 Main Features for Mobile Apps – BETaaS Features – BETaas Benefits Developing a BETaaS Mobile App – Interactions with BETaaS – The Service Manager API – The Apps Manifest Mobile App Demo Future Work Conclusions Mobile App Demo – Outline

3 3 BETaaS provides features at Service, TaaS and Adaptation Layers  Mobile Apps exploit the Service Layer Main Features provided at Service Layer: – Automatic allocation of resources  Apps just need to ask for ‘features’ to BETaaS – Transparent access to things  Apps do not need to know which things implement ‘features’ – Big Data functionalities  Apps will be able to exploit data  Under implementation BETaaS Features

4 4 BETaaS automatic allocation of resources: – Apps just need to list required features (temperature, presence, etc…) – Apps may include non-functional requirements (QoS, Trust, Security) – BETaaS performs an optimized allocation for the App Transparent access to things: – Apps do not need to know the concrete thing to be accessed  Just request the data for a ‘feature’ – Resources re-allocation does not affect the app implementation In general, BETaaS allows exploiting any thing always using the same API, even in heterogeneous environments  No need to interact at low-level BETaaS Benefits

5 5 Interactions with BETaaS Install App App Id Get services IDs Services IDs Get Data Data Set Data OK/KO Get Data Data Set Data OK/KO Step 1 – Install Application Step 2 – Use Resources

6 6 The Service Manager API The Service Manager component is the access point for apps: – SOAP API accessible externally – It publishes all the needed methods for interacting boolean unregister(String arg0,String arg1) boolean uninstallApplication(String arg0,String arg1) boolean register(String arg0,String arg1) String getTaskData(String arg0,String arg1) String installApplication(String arg0) String test(String arg0) String getThingServiceData(String arg0,String arg1)

7 7 The Apps Manifest (I) The Manifest contains information about: – Requested features and the location – Non-functional requirements – Other general indications (i.e. BETaaS version, app name…) It is a XML formatted file  Inspired by Android app manifest

8 8 The Apps Manifest (II) Requested ‘features’: – Kind of feature (presence, temperature, etc…) – Location in which it will happen – Mode (pull/push) TestPresence {device IP} presence home …

9 9 The Apps Manifest (III) Non-functional requirements: – Associated to a requested feature – Mainly, QoS requirements … fonwon2vlxkfwoi2309s

10 10 The Apps Manifest (& IV) General indications: – Service name – SDK version (BETaaS firmware version)

11 11 Mobile App Demo

12 12 Future Work Full implementation of modes : – PUSH mode still not available, but under development – Set methods for actuators under development Provide a way to enable PUSH mode in mobile devices (i.e. Google Cloud Messaging) Facilitate a REST interface, alternative to the SOAP one  More usable from mobile devices Provide a library which will simplify the coding of apps

13 13Conclusions BETaaS provides a way for mobile applications to interact with things in the environment seamlessly Interactions with a BETaaS Instance are not too complicated (only requiring one especial step for installing the app) BETaaS abstracts applications from the physical layer allowing re-allocation of things without changes in apps Usage of a App Manifest for requesting ‘features’ and the quality levels required

14 14

15 Thanks for your attention!! More information at:

16 16 BETaaS Ontologies

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