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Www.d–o– Baltic IT&T 2010 | Riga, 22 / 04 / 2010.

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1 www.d–o– Baltic IT&T 2010 | Riga, 22 / 04 / 2010

2 url: http://www.d-o-t.eumailto: info@d-o-t.eu International Collaborative Projects

3 www.d–o– KC4all: Policy background eSkills and Employability in EU  Lisbon Agenda: priorities for the Information Society  Riga Ministerial Declaration  Recommendations on Key Competences for LLL  e-Inclusion Communication  e-Inclusion Initiative  Digital Literacy Review  New Skills for New Jobs Communication

4 www.d–o– KC4all: Partner’s background Telecentres as a digital literacy/key skills provider In the last years, ICT-based Community Telecentres (TCs) have became a privileged channel across Europe for digital literacy/adult education (Rissola, 2007 and conclusions of Vienna eInclusion event, 2008), contributing through training and guidance to personal development, active citizenship, social inclusion, and –due to the increasing economic recession- Employability. Because of free of charge, openness, proximity, informal learning and networking opportunities, TCs are a truly non-formal training alternative for Adults not accessing to formal training systems.

5 www.d–o– KC4all: the project (funded by EC) A transnational partnership  Esplai Foundation (Spain)  EOS (Romania)  Interface 3 (Belgium)  LIKTA (Latvia)  LASA (UK)  University of Dortmund (Germany)  D-O-T Research & Consultancy (Spain) 4 members of Telecentre-Europe

6 www.d–o– KC4all: expected outcomes Products: 1. Toolkit for end users 2. Handbook for Facilitators 3. Guidelines for New Actors Other results: Exchange of good practice in the field of adult non-formal training on Key Competences required for Employability Star-up of a European Community of Practice on the subject

7 www.d–o– KC4all: collaborative platform

8 www.d–o– KC4all: Latvian context analysis

9 www.d–o– KC4all: valorising Latvian IT tools

10 www.d–o– EU collaborative projects  Multilateral partnerships for joint research, development of innovation, transfer of good practices  Opportunity to get and share knowledge, experience, tools  Benefits are trans-sectoral, interdisciplinary, trans- national  Window to EU: to see what’ going around, to show your innovation… and to export it!

11 www.d–o–

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