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WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS? That is the question… You will find our answers on the following slides. Please, be tolerant – some of.

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3 WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS? That is the question… You will find our answers on the following slides. Please, be tolerant – some of our objects are a bit too big for such a glass so we just imagine them there. However, to keep you busy we have prepared a task for you. There is such a saying in Czech: „Co je psáno, to je dáno“ ( in Latin „Littera scripta manet.“; in English „ The written word remains.“ ) So, our written texts are correct but each of our recordings contains three slips of the tongue. Your task is to find them.


5 - A FURRY TEDDY BEAR When I was very young, I had a big cuddly toy. I slept with him. As it is so big, honestly this teddy bear isn´t inside the glass – it sits in my bedroom now. I like my room very much. It is light, because it has a large window. - A FISHER RING FOR KEYS When I began to play tennis, my parents bought me my first racket together with a brand-new Fisher ring for keys. To tell you the truth - I still use this ring because it’s not only practical but also very nice. But one day I will probably put it into the glass. My tennis coach watches over my life too. I have played tennis since I was six years old. I play competitions and I am ranked number 10 among the players born in the same year in the Czech Republic. - A TURTLE Not to forget, I have a turtle - Chajka. I have had her since the age of 6. Chajka is from Montenegro. In summer, I have to put her to an outdoor enclosure every day. In winter, she sleeps in a terrarium. So she is never in the glass of course.. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

6 - A TICKET It is a ticket for the Lana Del Rey concert because it reminds me how amazing and unbelievable this event was. - LITTLE FIGURE FROM ART SCHOOL I got it from my teacher when I graduated from the art school. - DROPLETS OF ALUMINUM They were left over from the destruction of my grandparents‘ home by fire in the early 1950s well before I was born. - CARDS WITH JOKER I stole them from my grandma when I was little because I hated when she defeated me with them. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

7 - A WHITE SMALL BALL It reminds me of my passion, airsoft. I have a lot of awesome memories from trainings, actions, or just friends that I am grateful for. - A RIBBON FROM DANCING LESSONS I had very great time there and really enjoyed dancing, especially Clock, Cha-cha, etc. And after all, I met my awesome girlfriend there. - A PICTURE OF MY FAMILY I really like them and I would never change them. My father taught me a lot about repairing and creating stuff, my mother taught me how to argue and to do things that I don’t like very much. And finally my brother, if nothing, he taught me to be patient when something really bothers me. - SOMETHING FROM NATURE, TO REMIND ME HOW BEAUTIFUL THE EARTH IS I really like nature. It gives me some kind of calm, good feelings, and things like that. - NOTHING I know it is a little bit weird, but the fifth thing would be nothing. Yes, nothing, just to remind me that nothing is for free and if I want something, I have to do something for it. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

8 - A MUSIC RECORDER I know it is a bit too big to fit in the glass but I have a reason. When I was six, I got my first music recorder. I listened to music every day, but I had only three CDs with songs. The music recorder was not of very high quality, and for six months it has been broken. But today I really like music and music videos. - MY FIRST MOBILE PHONE In the fourth class of elementary school I got my first mobile phone. I did not use it very often, but now I have my mobile phone every day by me and I cannot take it out from my hand! - A SMALL BRAIN TEASER In 2012 my friend and me won a robotic competition. Our award was five days in Žamberk with US students, who competed there too. Last day we had a party and I got a small brain teaser from my US friend, whom I met in the camp. I still have that brain teaser – to tell you the truth not in the glass but on my table near my PC - and when I look at it, I remember those very nice five days. - A LAPTOP I got it last year and I use it every day so it is not in the glass of course but it is very precious to me. I play games, surf the internet, chat with friends on Facebook or Skype. I do not know, what I would do without it. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

9 - FOOTBALL BALL I chose it because I love football and I think that the ball is a symbol of football. Football means for me a lot - it gives me a lot of experiences and fun. I met a lot of friends and awesome people there. - PUZZLE BALL WITH MESUT ÖZIL I put it into the glass since Mesut Özil is my idol and I learnt many things because of him. And I spent a lot of time watching him on TV. And some people call me Mesut or Özil because I have three jerseys with his name. - FLOORBALL STICK I know – it is a little bit too big to fit in the glass so I just imagine I have it there. It is the same as football. I met a lot of friends when playing floor ball etc. - TEDDY BEAR It is an awesome memory of dancing lessons. I got the Teddy bear from my dancing partner. And I always remember those dancing lessons because of him. In fact I don´t have it in the glass - I have this Teddy bear next to my pillow so always when I go to bed, I remember the dancing lessons. - SNOWBOARD I know – it is a little bit too big to fit in the glass so I just imagine I have it there. I chose it because my family used to travel to the mountains much more than to the seaside and I have beautiful experiences, e.g. some jumps or tricks. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

10 - PHOTO OF ME, MY GRANDFATHER AND MY FAMILY I choose this photo because it reminds me of the most beautiful holiday in my life in Slovakia with my family. We were there for one month of summer holiday. Everywhere I looked there were vineyards, fields and meadows. It was great! - BOOK OF ROBINSON I read this book for a thousand times. For the first time when I was 9 years old. I had a lot of fun with this survivor. This book reminds me of my beautiful and adventurous childhood. I love adventure! - SMALL SHELLS These shells remind me of the holidays with my family in Italy, Croatia and Great Britain. I love the sound of the sea, the sunset and sandy beaches. We built the castle of sand with my little brother. We had a lot of fun together. - MONKEYS We have two plush monkeys with my brother. We got these monkeys when my brother was 2 years old! It was the most beautiful Christmas. These monkeys remind me of our childhood. It is interesting that we have never given them any names. We call them just monkeys. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

11 - A TEDDY BEAR I got the teddy bear from my boyfriend on my 16th birthday. My teddy bear is brown, hairy with a big red bow. When I look at him, I remember my boyfriend or when I am sad, my teddy bear comforts me. My teddy bear is the best gift I have ever got. - A LIPSTICK My lipstick is pink. I got my lipstick from my good friend. When we were in Pardubice my friend gave me a lipstick and said that it was the Christmas present from her. And when I look at the lipstick, I remember that we were shopping together and enjoyed the day. - A BRITISH FLAG I bought the British flag in Britain when I was there on a school trip. When I look at the flag, I remember beautiful moments which we experienced. I remember the London Eye and a chocolate factory where chocolate is excellent. I want those beautiful moments back because it was awesome. - A DRESS When I was in France, I bought a dress in the marketplace. When I wear it and closed my eyes, I feel I am back in France. Or shopping in the Marketplace and walking along the sea shore and watching a sunset. I love French clothes they are stylish and elegant. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

12 WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS? We are looking forward to your presentations, videos, …


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