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Articles II and III Information in RED can/will be tested…

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1 Articles II and III Information in RED can/will be tested…

2 Who, or what, is the face of the United States Government? 1980s 1990s 2000s

3 Article II – The Executive Branch 1.What are the requirements to be President of the United States? 35 years old Natural-Born Citizen Resident of USA – 14 yrs 2.What is the length of a Presidents term of office? 4 years 2 term maximum (22 nd Amendment )

4 Presidents Powers and Duties – Relations with Congress 1.State of the Union Address once a year explain how the country is doing February 12, 2013 2.Can make Congress meet 3. Must enforce laws made by Congress 4. Can Veto (stop) acts of Congress

5 Presidents Powers and Duties - Military Commander-In-Chief (the BOSS) Insures that a civilian (non-military person) leads the armed forces

6 Presidents Powers and Duties – Foreign Affairs 1.Make Treaties with other countries With Senate approval 2.Appoint Ambassadors With Senate approval

7 Presidents Powers and Duties – Appointments 1.Supreme Court Justices With Senate approval 2.Ambassadors (yada, yada, yada) 5 countries w/o a US Ambassador?

8 Article III – The Judicial Branch 1.How do Supreme Court Justices get their job? Check #3 above – the President selects them… 2.How many members are in the Supreme Court? 9 3. What makes up the Judicial Branch? Supreme Court and lower federal courts Closest FEDERAL court to RMS? Current Supreme Court Ronald Reagan (1981-89) – 2 George HW Bush (1989-1993) – 1 Bill Clinton (1993 – 2001)– 2 George W Bush (2001-2009) – 2 Barack Obama (2009- )- 2

9 What is the term of office for a Supreme Court Justice? Lifetime, or until they choose to retire. WHY? Who was the oldest Justice to serve? Who was the longest to serve on the Supreme Court? So they can do whatsright; not just whats popular… Explain.

10 What check, or control, does the Supreme Court have on Congress? Right to decide on cases involving the Constitution, National Laws, Treaties, and Conflicts between States. Decides if laws are Constitutional (follow the Constitution) Supreme Court doesnt decide guilt / innocence!

11 What is the Supreme Courts BIGGEST power? JUDICIAL POWER - Declares acts of Congress Unconstitutional (doesnt follow the Constitution) – They have FINAL SAY in the LAWS.

12 Treason How does the Constitution define treason? Waging war against, or aiding an enemy of, the US. What must happen before a person is convicted of treason? 2 witnesses must testify (speak) in court, or a confession Who is this Traitor?

13 What gives the Judicial Branch its Power?

14 Essay Question????? Which branch do you think is the most powerful? Give at least two examples supporting your decision.

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