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Status of ENV-e-CITY On-line tools and services 7 November 2003 Geir Endregard NILU.

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1 Status of ENV-e-CITY On-line tools and services 7 November 2003 Geir Endregard NILU

2 ENV-e-CITY ENV-e-CITY background  Compliance of city authorities with EU environmental legislation  Need for efficient environmental assessments; these are only possible on the basis of sufficient and reliable environmental information.  Need to inform the citizen on the state of the environment  Support of environmental professionals, e.g. those involved in impact assessment studies

3 ENV-e-CITY ENV-e-CITY project goals  Ultimate goal of project:  To create an internet-based brokerage infrastructure for public sector environmental information, available as a “turn-key” application via docking.  Relationship to other projects:  Innovative project acting as an extension of existing, “information production” projects (APNEE, IRENIE, AIR- EIA, APPETISE, etc.)

4 ENV-e-CITY The ENV-e-CITY consortium Activity Type NrPartnerCountryRTD Role in the project RES1AUTh/LHTEEEL ■ Domain experts (air quality assessment), ■ IT developers (web based wizards) OTH2ESSA ■ IT specialist, internet tools REC3FITDE ■ IT specialist, software design and development. REC4FMIFI ■ Domain expert (meteorology) HES5IERDE ■ Domain expert (emissions) IND6LOHDE ■ Domain expert (topography-EIA) and ■ User support REC7NILUNO ■ Domain expert (air quality) IND8NORGITNO ■ IT specialist (GIS and database) REC9RIVMNL ■ Domain experts and ■ User support (citizens) (+ IT consulting) REC10TNONL ■ Domain experts and ■ User support (cities)

5 ENV-e-CITY The product – internet toolbox

6 ENV-e-CITY Public and members area

7 ENV-e-CITY The services  Global services  Air quality services  Air emission services  Meteorology services

8 ENV-e-CITY Global services 1.Meta database for all domains 2.Time series display and analysis 3.On-line shop

9 ENV-e-CITY Meta database for all domains

10 ENV-e-CITY Air quality services 1.Model tool guider 2.OFIS Model User's Interface 3.European graph generator 4.Library for air quality monitoring in Europe 5.Air Quality web presentation 6.Air Quality management wizard 7.CAR 8.Gaussian AQ models 9.City-level AQ assessment 10.European AQ ranking and benchmarking tool 11.MLuS-online in Germany

11 ENV-e-CITY Library for air quality monitoring in Europe

12 ENV-e-CITY Air emission services 1.RoSE 2.Gridding tool 3.Timecurve tool 4.VOC splitter 5.CAREAIR 6.OMEGA2 7.EcoSense

13 ENV-e-CITY Meteorology services 1.MetData cost calculator 2.Interpolation tool (spatial-meteo) 3.Meteorological preprocessing service 4.WeatherProof Europe

14 ENV-e-CITY Business challenge  Who are users that might pay?  What are the users willing to pay for?  How much will they pay?

15 ENV-e-CITY A business plan is made Market segmentNumber in Europe Major cities >250,000150 Major cities >100,000900 Universities500 Secondary schools50,000 Institutions, NGOs1,000 Consultants7,000-12,000 Citizens350 M – 600 M

16 ENV-e-CITY Two options studied Original idea 4 domains Different languages Public and members area Shopping basket, subscription etc Optional idea 1 domain – air quality Only English Only members Only subscriptions

17 ENV-e-CITY Different revenue possible  Original option  Revised option

18 ENV-e-CITY Possible content of revised option 1AQ news archive 2AQ publications library 3AQ on-line data centre 4European AQ status and comparison wizard 5Air Quality management interactive guide 6The legal helper 7AQ management toolbox (big one) 8European AQ monitoring network database 9Database of available European data on emissions, local meteorology and topography 10AQ support offered from others

19 ENV-e-CITY Project site: Demo site:

20 The end

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