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Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF)- Standard Allocation (SA)-2015.

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1 Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF)- Standard Allocation (SA)-2015

2 CHF-SA1 2015- Allocation Total CHF-SA1-2015= $60 USD Nutrition Cluster allocation: $8mln USD # projects funded: 14 project # of partners: 12 partner 2 UN agencies 3 NNGO 7 INGO

3 CHF-SA1 2015- NC PRT- Portfolio Overview Partner s’ submiss ion # Proje cts subm itted PRT recomme nded # Projects recomme nd by PRT Allocated funds Core pipeli ne $ 7,020,7 16 3 $4,600,0 00 3 UNCEF, WFP 3 UNCEF, WFP$ 4,462,826 Frontl ine servic es $ 15,000, 848 25 $ 4,595,55 6 12 1 UNICEF; 3 NNGO 8 INGO 11 1 UNICEF 3 NNGO 7 iNGO $ 3,537,174 Total $ 22,021, 564 28 $ 9,200,0 00 15 8 mln

4 CHF-SA1 2015- Geographic presence

5 CHF-SA1 2015- Expected key results of Core pipeline supporting projects Expected key results Timely and sufficient therapeutic and supplementary supplies procurement for pre-positioning before rainy season Pre-positioning of therapeutic and supplementary supplies to allow timely and uninterrupted frontline lifesaving activities for under five boys and girls and pregnant and lactating women Uninterrupted provision of life-saving treatment and preventive services for acute malnutrition cases

6 CHF-SA1-2015- Expected key results of frontline supporting projects Expected key results Saving lives and alleviating suffering by delivering quality, life–saving, management of acute malnutrition for SAM and MAM cases in under five girls and boys and PLW Optimal coverage of nutrition activities to more sites in key priority areas Increased number of children screened, referred and treated for acute malnutrition to reach yearly targets Enhanced prevention activities (IYCF-E, micronutrient supplementation) to stabilise malnutrition prevalence in key priority areas Increased monitoring of the nutrition situation through surveillance systems and enhanced analysis of routine data to inform humanitarian needs analysis and programming

7 CHF-SA1-2015- Advocaed points to the HCT The nutrition sector has no infrastructure or funding mechanism. It is driven by humanitarian actors and funds. Therefore, aiming to have good geographical and lifesaving activity coverage by partners becomes difficult with limited amount of funds. The pipeline for the nutrition sector has to be secured during the first half of the year for the whole year to capitalize on the window of opportunity of dry season to preposition. Failing to do so has implications on: i- timely availability and distribution to partners to conduct the life-saving nutrition activities; thus interruption in the nutrition pipeline and activities; ii- increase in transport cost ; iii- negative impact on implementation and performance of projects; iv- decrease in cost effectiveness of project implementation

8 Way Forward- Timeline ActionDate Training on the Grant Management system (GMS) Nov.28 th - Dec 1 st Partners submit Draft Concept notes on GMSDecember 6th Peer Review teams (PRT) review concept notes December 6-7 th Develop score cardsNov. 28 th – Dec 6 th Clusters share with CHF TS information on perspective requirements Dec 8-9 th Selection of Concept notes by PRTDec 8 th -10 th Cluster submits compiled Annex 1 to CHF TSDec 10-11 th

9 Way Forward- Timeline ActionDate Cluster Defenses to the CHF Advisory BoardDec 12-13 th Implementation of the AB recommendations. Ongoing basis process Dec 15-17 th Full-fledged proposal submission. Ongoing basis- Partners incorporate funding recommendations & submit full-fledged proposals via GMS Dec 15-17 th Joint Technical Review by PRT & Partners finalize proposals based on feedback and submit via GMS (ongoing basis) Dec 17-19 th (3 days) Submission of final allocation documents by cluster Dec 20 th -21 st

10 Way Forward- Timeline ActionDate CHF TS review submissionsDec 22-30 th Final approval by HCDec 31 st Funds transfer requests Jan 1-7 th Disbursement of funds begins Jan 4 th - onwards PPA preparation and NGOs contracting begins Jan 6 th - onward Develop cluster M&R plan for SA1 Jan 15-30 th

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