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~ Module 6 ~ CMGC Contracting at UDOT Program, Projects & Lessons Learned Michelle A. Page, P.E. & Teri Newell, P.E.

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1 ~ Module 6 ~ CMGC Contracting at UDOT Program, Projects & Lessons Learned Michelle A. Page, P.E. & Teri Newell, P.E.

2 UDOT CMGC Program FHWA - SEP 14 & Stewardship Agreement Centralized Roles – Procurement – FHWA Reporting De-Centralized Roles – Procurement – Design – Construction – Project Closeout

3 UDOT Committed Funds by Delivery Method by Year of Advertisement Date ($ in Millions)

4 UDOT Development of CMGC CMAR Concept Owner Contract Manager At-Risk Subs Designer Contractor CMGC Concept Owner Designer Contractor Specialty Sub Specialty Sub

5 CMGC Team Approach Partnering Build Trust All Project Challenges Identified Contractor Bids Actual Line Items CMGC Team UDOT Designer Contractor

6 Fair Price Strategy Engineer’s Estimate Typically based on State Averages Contractor’s Estimate Prepared for specific project bid items Typically based on production rates and unit price Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) Cost Validation Reflects Current Market Conditions

7 Build & Develop Trust – Team Building, Partnering Requirements, & Dispute Resolution Co-Location Partnering – Project Level – Executive Level Communication – Project Manager Project Team Senior Leaders Site Visits Project Staffing Plan UDOT Lessons Learned - General

8 Project Goals RFP “Boiler Plate” Well Defined Selection Criteria & Scoring Method – Focus on the differentiators – What are the minimum qualifications? – Project Specific UDOT Lessons Learned – Procurement

9 Blinding of the Oversight Committee – Technical Evaluation Team presents as Proposer A, B, C, etc. – Oversight Committee provides an unbiased perspective Always leave an option for interviews Include a Consultant & Contractor as a member of the evaluation team Documented Selection Process UDOT Lessons Learned – Procurement

10 UDOT Lessons Learned - Design Decision Making Contractor Input Risk Identification & Management Important to watch Scope, Schedule, & Budget – Set goals to keep the team focused – Know your schedule limitations – Have candid budget discussions Value Engineering – Procurement vs. Design

11 UDOT Lessons Learned - Design Price Strategies – GMP, TMP, Lump Sums, Unit Pricing, Provisional Sums Blind Bid Opening Documentation – Decisions, Risk, Pricing, Comment Resolution, Etc.

12 UDOT Lessons Learned - Construction Quantities Payment Early NTP Risk Management Strategies – Change Order Severable Packages – Order Girders – Order State Furnished Equipment – Build Haul Road – Clear & Grub – Early Utility Work – Stockpile Material

13 ~ Module 6 ~ Mountain View Corridor Teri Newell, P.E.

14 MVC Project Overview Salt Lake County (2010 to 2013) – CMGC – 15 mile segment – Two lanes in each direction Utah County (2010 to 2011) – Low bid – 3 mile segment – Two lanes in each direction 14

15 Preconstruction Phase 15

16 Results – Reduced Construction Cost

17 Program Budget & Contingency Overview 17

18 CMGC Innovation $25M savings through alternative design analysis and construction innovation – DART Process $12M cost reduction in utility relocation – protect in place, means and methods analysis with utility owners $6M savings due to schedule compression $9.5M savings due to elimination of a rail bridge

19 Why was CMGC Right for MVC? Stagger the contractor selection for I-15 CORE and MVC, while maintaining similar construction schedules Flexibility to develop and implement mutually beneficial solutions for communities, utility companies, land owners, and UDOT Innovative solutions that saved time and money Flexibility to add or delete scope to project with a firm understanding of pricing due to open book process Informed decisions about future needs vs. initial construction (phasing) based on contractor’s constructability review and estimate Risk had time to be mitigated due to early identification by the team of owner, designer and contractor Construction schedule coordination throughout the design process allowed for prioritization of key right of way purchases

20 Benefits of CMGC Deliver the Best Transportation Project at the Best Value Owner Makes Informed Decisions Optimize Innovations Risks Managed Throughout Project Delivery

21 Reference Materials & Questions UDOT Annual CMGC Reports, and other related documents available online at Questions?

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