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Utah’s Use of CMGC & Project Delivery Presented by: Michelle Page, P.E. UDOT Innovative Contracting.

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1 Utah’s Use of CMGC & Project Delivery Presented by: Michelle Page, P.E. UDOT Innovative Contracting

2 What is CMGC in Utah? Consists of a Project Team with Three Participants: – An Owner – A Designer – A General Contractor with a Two Phase Contract Phase I – A “Construction Management” consulting contract to help with Design Phase II – A “General Contracting “ contract to build the project

3 Benefits of CMGC Public Expectation – Open Road Political Capital – Politicians Take Credit – UDOT utilizes more state funds than federal User Cost Savings – Reduce Construction Time – Reduce Construction Delays – Business Stays Open

4 Innovative Contracting Program

5 Engineering Solutions Advances in Roadway Geometry: – DDI, CFI, Flex Lanes, Movable Barrier, Reversible Lanes ABC Program: – I-80 Bridge Farm – Precast Structural Elements (Bents, Columns, Superstructure, Deck, Pavement Slabs)

6 Owner Controls the Design UDOT Plan Build Design Consultant Design Contractor UDOT Bid Build Contractor Validate

7 CMGC Expectations Better Designs Better Schedules Lower Costs – Savings in Design – Savings in Construction – Savings from Innovation – Savings from Mitigated Risks

8 Project Delivery Timelines DesignAdv Select Construct Traditional RFP Design Select Construct CMGC Early Construct Design-Build Construct RFP Design RFQ Select Design

9 CMGC Project Delivery Results Speed – Early start items of work before 100% Design – Early Procurement – Advanced Contractor Planning Brevity – 30 to 50 Page RFP Control – Owner makes design decisions with Contractor and Designer inputs Flexibility – We can change scope during Design

10 When UDOT Uses CMGC Projects that need Contractor input Project where UDOT wants to control the design Projects with a high need for innovation Projects that can benefit from early procurement or construction Projects with third-party risk Projects to introduce new technology

11 Cost & Schedule Influences Knowledge and Experience Trust Site Conditions Design Constructability Contractor Means and Methods Design errors Risk Identification Innovation Process

12 Mountain View Corridor Influence of Risk and Innovation on Cost

13 Innovation Savings

14 Who Gets the Savings? DBBDBCMGC Contractor Risk Owner Risk Risk Reduce risk, and share the savings

15 CMGC Projects Save on Change Orders & Overruns

16 Owner Implemented Innovation

17 Flexibility

18 Fair Price Strategy Proposal Items – Prices set in Competitive Process State Averages & Ratio – Comparison to Other projects Total Cost Compared to – Independent Cost Estimate – Engineers Estimate Selection Bid Items State Average Prices ICE, EE

19 We Save on Bid Item Costs Compared to State Averages

20 Where Owner Spends the Effort Define Goals Describe Project RFP Development Proposal Evaluations Risk Analysis Innovation Analysis Cost Comparisons Design Decisions Contractor Construction

21 Available Tools & Resources UDOT Website: 00:pg:0:::1:T,V:1869, 00:pg:0:::1:T,V:1869 – CMGC Description – Advertising Checklists – Analysis and Reports – Process Documents – Sample Documents Rudy Alder, UDOT Innovative Contracting Engineer (

22 Questions

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