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Web GIS Oregon Explorer Marc G Rempel Oregon State University The Valley Library Oregon Explorer

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1 Web GIS Oregon Explorer Marc G Rempel Oregon State University The Valley Library Oregon Explorer

2 What is the Oregon Explorer? Natural Resources Digital Library Place-based resources Supports informed natural resource decision-making

3 Evolution of the Oregon Explorer Basin Portals e.g. Willamette Basin ExplorerWillamette Basin Explorer Topic Portals e.g. Land Use ExplorerLand Use Explorer Data Portals e.g. Imagery ExplorerImagery Explorer Oregon Spatial Data Library

4 Components of Web GIS 1. Spatial Data 2. Web Server 3. Map/GIS Server 4. Mapping Application 5. Application Enhancements (optional) MapServer example

5 Components of Web GIS- Spatial Data Shapefiles/ Geodatabases (ESRI) KML/KMZ (Google Earth) GeoRSS/GeoJson Web services WMS – Web Mapping Services (image) WFS – Web Feature Services (vector) WCS – Web Coverage Services (raster) Examples of Spatial Data:

6 Components of Web GIS- Web Server Apache Tomcat IIS (Windows) Examples of Web Servers: Web Servers provide the foundation for serving out data on the web.

7 Components of Web GIS- Map/GIS Servers ArcIMS ArcGIS Server GeoServer MapServer Examples of Mapping Servers:

8 Components of Web GIS- Map/GIS Servers 1. Serve spatial data via the internet. 2. When a request comes to the web server, the Map/GIS server application handles the request and returns a map image, attribute, geometry or downloadable data. 3. The Map/GIS server can also return images of legends, scale bars and reference maps. 4. Requests can query the spatial data and return only the data that matches the request. 5. Some Map/GIS servers also support geometry, geocoding and geo-processing tasks requests. (i.e. buffer queries, clipping, etc). Role of Map/GIS Servers:

9 Components of Web GIS- Map/GIS Servers 1. A Map/GIS server can have multiple services of various types. Map service Geoprocessing service Geodata service Image service Geometry service Geocoding service Globe service 2. A map service is a specified grouping of spatial data with projection and display information defined. For ESRI, a.mxd file can serve as the source for a map service. 3. A Map/GIS server can allow for map services to be started and stopped. 4. A map service can support multiple output formats (WMS, WFS, KML) Map/GIS Server Services

10 Components of Web GIS- Map/GIS Servers Map/GIS Server Services: ESRI Example ArcCatalog

11 Components of Web GIS- Map/GIS Servers Some Map/GIS Servers expose their services via REST and SOAP APIs. REST API Representational State Transfer (REST) is a stateless protocol for leveraging representations of service data and methods. Provides a lightweight interface to access service properties and functionality through client side script. Example: SOAP API Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a protocol for creating server side classes and methods for a web service. SOAP tends to have more robust capability over REST, but can be more complicated to incorporate. Example: WRI_07_1/MapServer?wsdl WRI_07_1/MapServer?wsdl REST and SOAP API

12 Components of Web GIS- Mapping Applications  ESRI WebADF/JavaScript API ESRI WebADF/JavaScript API  Google Maps API /ArcGIS JS Extension Google Maps API ArcGIS JS Extension  Google Earth API Google Earth API  Bing Maps API /ArcGIS JS Extension Bing Maps API ArcGIS JS Extension  Bing Maps Silverlight API (Microsoft) Bing Maps Silverlight API (Microsoft)  Flex (Adobe) / ArcGIS Extension Flex (Adobe)ArcGIS Extension  Yahoo Maps API Yahoo Maps API  OpenLayers API OpenLayers API  ArcGIS for iPhone API coming soon. Examples of extensible Mapping Applications: A mapping application is a web component/page that handles requests/responses to and from the mapping server. Typical functionality includes handling navigation panning/zooming, layer management, attribute queries and advanced processing tasks (buffer, distance calculations, etc).

13 Components of Web GIS- JavaScript Class Libraries JavaScript class libraries are an optional piece of a web GIS stack that can add some dynamic user interface components such as sliders, pop-up boxes, dynamic table grids, and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) handling. Some popular JavaScript class libraries to consider are: Dojo EXT.JS YUIYUI (Yahoo User Interface) jQuery Can get from

14 What is a mashup?  a mashup is a web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service.  The term mashup implies easy, fast integration, frequently using open APIs and data sources to produce results that were not the original reason for producing the raw source data.APIs Source: Wikipedia.

15 A simple web mapping application  Basic HTML and JavaScript will get you a long ways.

16 ESRI Resource Center

17 Examples of Mapping Mash-ups  Measure 37 Viewer  ORWAP  Oregon Restoration

18 Measure 37 Viewer Measure 37 Viewer Virtual Earth/Bing Maps- JavaScript APIJavaScript API Overlay WMS from ArcIMS – Transparency slider, legend Create active objects (pushpins, polygons). – Uses GET_FEATURES call to ArcIMS to draw polygons. 3D Functionality.

19 ORWAP- Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol ORWAP- Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol  Uses ArcGIS server map and geometry services.  Buffers selected point and queries intersection of layers.  Uses Virtual Earth/Bing JavaScript Extension for ArcGIS server.

20 Oregon Watershed Restoration Tool 1.ArcGIS Server 9.3 mapping backend 2.Bing GeoRSS Collections for basin, subbasin and watershed council layers. 3.REST and SOAP used for getting layer data and overlaying WMS. 4.DOJO javascript class library for more interactive user interface.

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