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The basics to become Pre-qualified with WYDOT for Highway Projects.

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1 The basics to become Pre-qualified with WYDOT for Highway Projects

2  Bidding Capacity based on: ◦ Financial Worth ◦ Work Under Contract ◦ Equipment ◦ Contractor Performance Rating

3  All persons, firms, co-partnerships, or corporations proposing to bid on any Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) construction project must first submit a statement, under oath, on a Prequalification Questionnaire (Form PQ-2) available through the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

4  On the application you need to indicate the Applicant's financial ability, the adequacy of its equipment, organization, and past experience, and include any pertinent information necessary to accurately assess the Applicant's status.  Contractors wanting to subcontract do not have to be prequalified.

5  Prequalification will encompass a 15 month period from the date of the Applicant’s fiscal year end. Out of date financial reports will not be considered as part of the Prequalification statement, thus rendering it incomplete.

6  The Prequalification Form once approved does not approve a contractor to bid on projects (building) let through the WYDOT Procurement office or the WYDOT Engineering Services office.  That process will be covered later.

7  Prequalification may be denied or revoked if the applicant: A)Is declared in default while qualified in accordance with the applicable provisions of any contract issued by WYDOT.  B)Has been determined to have made false, deceptive, or fraudulent statements during the prequalification process.  C)Has been and is currently under debarment or restricted from bidding by another government agency because of criminal acts or serious breach of contract.

8  D)Has been disqualified for substantial reasons by another governmental agency.  E)Has attempted to or has influenced WYDOT policy through gratuities or gifts to, or by employing WYDOT personnel.  F)Has, while qualified, demonstrated an inability to meet WYDOT requirements for specifications and contracts.

9  Upon receipt of the Prequalification Questionnaire, the Prequalification Officer examines and verifies the information submitted.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the Contractor.  Applications may take up to two weeks once all required information has been received.

10  A decision regarding the applicant’s prequalification and rating including the type of work classification is made after all information has been received.  The WYDOT Prequalification Officer will notify the Contractor of their application status.

11  The Applicant's previous and present job performance will be evaluated by using the WYDOT’s contractor performance evaluation system to determine the current prequalification rating.  Work performed by subcontractors is reflected in the Contractor's performance evaluation.

12  If approved by the Prequalification Officer, an additional 90 day extension may be granted if the Applicant plans to revise its fiscal year.  Contact the Pre-Qualification Office to see if you qualify for an extension.

13  WYDOT will issue a joint venture proposal envelope to prequalified applicants upon request.  For more information about forming a joint venture, please contact the prequalification office at 307-777-4056

14  Prequalification for AML work will cover all aspect of the prequalification. The PQ-2 has to be filed with WYDOT.  AML representatives will determine if a contractor’s prequalification amount can be changed to perform the work financially.  Many Cities, Towns and Counties use the WYDOT Pre-qualification list.

15  The Applicant requesting a Proposal Envelope will be required to submit a Current Work Affidavit (Form E-103) and indicate the total dollar value of all work under contract or subcontract regardless of the contracting agency.  The current prequalification will be determined by subtracting the current work remaining to be completed from the Applicant's maximum prequalification rating.

16  In order to bid on a WYDOT Highway project, a contractor’s prequalification can not expire before the bid letting.  Example:  A pre-qualification expiring on March 31, 2014 the contractor will not be allowed to bid in April.

17  Direct questionnaires, correspondence, and questions regarding highway contractor prequalification to:   Jim Messer  Prequalification Officer  Construction Program  5300 Bishop Boulevard  Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340  (307)777-4056

18  with_wydot/pre_qualification.default.html with_wydot/pre_qualification.default.html  Will find information and forms to submit a pre-qualification for Highway & Purchasing projects.  List of Pre-Qualified Contractors

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20  You do not have to be Pre-Qualified to be a Sub-Contractor or Supplier.  Subcontracts are submitted by the Prime Contractor using Form E-59.  All Subcontracts need to be approved by the WYDOT State Construction Engineer’s office

21  WTDOT requires Prime Contractors to pay their subcontractors to be paid promptly after payment.  The subcontractor is required to fill out a Certification of Subcontract Payments (Form E-139) indicating the subcontractors receipt of payment.

22  Can be found at:  The letter “B” indicates that that company has been issued a bid envelope.

23  Contact Russ Howe @ 307-777-4053  Web Information: with_wydot/contractors/subcontracts.html

24  ???

25  2010 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.  Book contains 8 Divisions ◦ Division 100- General Provisions ◦ Division 200 – Earthwork ◦ Division 300 - Aggregate Materials ◦ Division 400 – Pavements ◦ Division 500 – Structures ◦ Division 600 – Miscellaneous Construction ◦ Division 700 – Traffic Control & Roadway Lighting ◦ Division 800 - Materials

26  Changes to the book since it was printed are called Supplemental Specifications.  Specifications that are unique to the project are Special Provisions.

27  1. Contract Amendments  2. Addenda  3. Contract (Form E-82A)  4. Department Obtained Agreements  5. Proposal (Form E-91)  6. Special Provisions

28  7. Supplementary Documents  8. Plans  9. Supplementary Specifications  10. Standard Plans  11. Standard Specifications  12. Electronic CADD Files

29  Against WYDOT - Must be filed through the Prime Contractor.  Against the Prime Contractor – If an issue involving payment by the contractor to a subcontractor becomes the subject of dispute, the party (contractor or subcontractor) raising the dispute is responsible for promptly submitting a written description of the dispute to the engineer. State clearly who the dispute is between, the reason for the dispute, the dollar amount involved, and other pertinent information.

30  Andy Long, State Construction Engineer  307-777-4425  Printed Copies Available through Financial Services. (307)777-4435  Web Information: g_technical_programs/manuals_publications/ 2010_Standard_Specifications.html

31  Electronic Copy of the 2010 Standard Specifications.  Copies of all current Supplemental Specifications.

32  Questions?  Thank You!

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