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Amigo Brothers By Piri Thomas.

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1 Amigo Brothers By Piri Thomas

2 barrage Noun A rapid, heavy attack
Example: Antonio then beat the air with a barrage of body blows.

3 pensively adj In a way that suggests deep thought (contemplate)
Example: Tony scratched his nose pensively, “Yeah it would be better for our heads.”

4 perpetual Adj Continual; unending
Example: The night was blurred with perpetual motions of left hooks and right crosses.

5 Synonyms Undisciplined Uncontrolled
unbridled Synonyms Undisciplined Uncontrolled Adj Lacking in restraint or control Example: Antonio’s fans bet with unbridled faith in his boxing skills.

6 improvise Verb To speak or perform without preparation
Example: Some were well prepared, some improvised on the spot.

7 dispel Verb To scatter; get rid of
Example: It was being neatly dispelled from his mind.

8 feint Verb To make a pretended attack in order to draw attention away from one’s real purpose or target Example: Felix feinted with his left shoulder and threw his right instead.

9 bedlam Noun A noisy confusion (chaos)
Example: Bedlam broke loose as Felix’s legs momentarily buckled.

10 Evading Adj Avoiding; escaping Evade ~ verb
Example: Antonio, groggy, bobbed and weaved, evading most of the blows.

11 game Adj Ready and willing to proceed
Example: Felix got up as fast as he could in his own corner, groggy, but still game.

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