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Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

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1 Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

2 1. What is setting? The time and place in which the events of a story occur.

3 2. What is the setting of the story Amigo Brothers?
New York City in summer

4 3. What is imagery? Language that appeals to the five senses.

5 4. To which of the five senses does the following example of imagery appeal to? The loudspeakers blared into the open windows of the school. hearing

6 5. What is tone? Expresses the author’s feelings about a piece of writing.

7 6. What is the tone of the following passage
6. What is the tone of the following passage? They looked around and then rushed toward each other. A cry of alarm surged through Tompkins Square Park. Was this a fight to the death instead of a boxing match? fear

8 7. What is mood? The way a writing makes a reader feel.

9 8. Describe the mood at the end of the story based on the following passage? The announcer turned to point to the winner and found himself alone. Arm in arm the champions had already left the ring. Relieved; proud that they did their best.

10 9. What is a flashback? A jump back to the past in a story.

11 10. How old are Antonio and Felix?
17 years old

12 11. What dream do Antonio and Felix share?
They each want to become lightweight boxing champion of the world.

13 12. What causes the wall between the two friends?
They have to fight each other in the division finals to go to the Golden Gloves Championship.

14 13. As Antonio sits on the rooftop passing time, what does he think of fighting?
It is a profession, like any other.

15 14. Why does Felix go see a fight movie before the fight?
To help him get psyched for the fight.

16 15. Why does Antonio and Felix want the match to end quickly?
Neither wants to hurt his friend.

17 16. How does Round three end compared to Round one?
After Round three, the two don’t stop punching when the bell rings. They don’t even hear the bell. In Round one, they both stopped their punches in midair.

18 17. How does the fight end? The fighters leave the ring together before the winner is announced.

19 18. Why do the two friends embrace before they hear the results of the match?
Because they know each has done his absolute best. Also, their competition is finally over.

20 19. Describe Antonio Cruz. Fair, lean, and lanky. His hair is long and always falling over his eyes. He has a long reach so he is the better boxer.

21 20. Describe Felix Vargas. Dark, short, and husky. His hair is black and in a natural afro style. His short, muscular frame makes him the better slugger.

22 21. From what point of view is the Amigo Brothers told?
third-person point of view

23 22. Causing great pain, damage, or destruction; overwhelming

24 23. Cautious; on the alert wary

25 24. Constant; unceasing perpetual

26 25. To invent, compose, or do without much preparation

27 26. Light and quick in movement

28 27. To wave or swing, especially swiftly or violently

29 28. Escaping or avoiding evading

30 29. To rise or increase suddenly; move with a violent swelling motion, as waves

31 The End

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