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By:Mo McAuley Project By:Chelsea Critchley

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1 By:Mo McAuley Project By:Chelsea Critchley
Short Story Assignment Mr. Sticky! By:Mo McAuley Project By:Chelsea Critchley

2 Setting The Setting took place in Abby’s house and in the fish tank. How I know-I know because Abby says she is laying on her bed, she went downstairs, cleaned the fish tank, and much more. I know it was in the fish tank because fish live in fish tanks and she explains that Mr.Sticky goes to the bottom by the rocks and goes on the tip of the seaweed. I think it took place in the present because they do the same things we do today. I think what I should tell the reader before they read this is that Mr.Sticky is a snail and he is REALLY small so Abby, the owner always thinks Mr.Sticky is gone.

3 Conflict I think it was more Character vs. Character. One character as Abby and the other as Mr.Sticky. The reason I think that is because Abby is always looking for Mr.Sticky and getting mad because she thinks he is gone. When really he is in the corner of the fish tank.

4 Antagonist I think the Antagonist is Mr.Sticky, because he is always trying to hide and Abby can’t find him. So every time he hides Abby gets mad. Evidence: Mr.Sticky is hiding in the bottom corner of the tank, while Abby is searching for him and getting upset.

5 Protagonist The Protagonist is Abby. The reason why I think that is because she is the main character and that the whole story revolves around her and her looking for Mr.Sticky.

6 Mood I think the mood of the story would have to be happy at the beginning, because Abby Is so happy there is Mr.Sticky in the fish tank. She didn’t even know how he got in the tank!! The mood of the story near the end would be sad because Abby can’t find her snail Mr.Sticky. Even when she knows he is really small she gets upset because she can’t find him anywhere.

7 Theme I would have to say the theme of the story would be…that you should never blame someone on something until you REALLY know what happened. Why I think that: I think that because Abby is blaming her mom that her mom accidentally threw Mr.Sticky out. When Mr.Sticky was in the tank all along.

8 Thank you! Thanks for watching !!!
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