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Continued Investment in ATML

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2 Continued Investment in ATML
Anand Jain Senior Software Engineer NI TestStand | ATML

3 The NI Investment in ATML
Initial Support of Test Results for NI TestStand 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Test Results DataPlugin for NI DIAdem NI Releases TestStand ATML Toolkit 1.0 Full Support of Test Results for NI TestStand Initial Support of Test Description in NI TestStand

4 What is NI TestStand? Graphical sequence editor environment
Automate tests written in any language Multithreaded sequence execution ASCII, HTML/Web, XML, and ATML report generation Access, Oracle, SQL Server database connectivity Awarded Test Product of the Year by readers of Test & Measurement World magazine, National Instruments TestStand is off-the-shelf test management software used by 15 of the top 15 electronics manufacturers worldwide for rapid test system development and scalability (Electronic Business 300, 2006). NI TestStand delivers a modular test architecture with a graphical sequence editor, an open language interface for automating tests written in any language, multithreaded sequence execution, flexible reporting, and robust database connectivity for today’s automated prototype, validation, and manufacturing test systems. Using NI TestStand you immediately eliminate hundreds of hours from your development time while maintaining complete control over the environment to modify components to match your exact needs. Through unparalleled integration with the leading test development languages and innovative technology including autoscheduling and user interface controls for developing custom operator interfaces in minutes, NI TestStand reduces test system development effort by 75 percent. 12

5 NI TestStand ATML Toolkit 1.0 - 2009
Major features Improve SIMICA Test Results support Standard Version 2.02 Add ATML Test Description support Standard Version 1.01 Released Sept 2009

6 SIMICA Test Results using NI TestStand
NI TestStand TPS SIMICA Test Results File NI TestStand Development Environment

7 SIMICA Test Results Support
Adds ATML TD elements to the report Complies to latest approved standard version Updates TestStand and later Test Results Support for adding ATML TD information In TS 4.2 the following elements are not added – Test/Parameters element - TestResults/TestDescription element - TestResults/References element - 1.0 version of the toolkit will add the above information to the report

8 ATML Test Description Support
Translates ATML TD to TestStand sequence files and VI or C code modules Generates shell code modules Capability to modify shell code generation TestStand Sequence Editor and custom User Interface integration File » Open starts translation Tools menu configuration settings TestStand and later The addition of TestStand Attributes to the 4.2 release is a specific example of ATML requirements driving non-ATML TestStand features. Although the toolkit is standalone, we are committed to providing the best implementation from a TestStand architectural perspective. Thus, when it makes sense, we will add features to the main product to properly support the toolkit. Example for TD data not directly translatable to TestStand properties – Security classification, cost, classified attributes specified for a test

9 Additional Feature Incremental updates
Apply changes from an ATML TD file to previously-translated sequence file Works with TestStand 4.2 and later Phase 1 of 2 Note – Phase 1 will not support incrementally updating generated code modules

10 ATML TD Translation using the NI ATML Toolkit
ATML TD Translator ATML Test Description Document NI TestStand Sequence LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI Code Modules NI TestStand Development Environment

11 NI TestStand ATML Toolkit 2011
Major Features Improve SIMICA Test Results support Improve ATML Test Description support Schedule Beta Q4 2010 Release Q2 2011

12 ATML Test Description Support
Incremental updates Use or update existing code modules Phase 2 of 2 Documentation on next steps after translation Documentation will be dynamically generated from the content of the TD file Other features ATML TD – Improve integration with Workspace and Sequence File cache for Translators Note – Phase 2 will support incrementally updating generated code module shells

13 What is NI DIAdem? Ready to use data search and mining
Easy, flexible access to databases and files Interactive analysis and report generation Automation through VBScript

14 DIAdem DataFinder ATML Plug-in
DataFinder indexes SIMICA Test Results files Index database can be queried Built-in common trending routines Histogram, Pareto, Capability, Yield, etc.

15 Trending Analysis using DIAdem and Test Results

16 Benefits of Using ATML IEEE Standard Test Results Test Description
Exchange/storage format Transformable to other related standards IEEE 1545 STDF Test Description Exchange/storage format for storing test requirements and IP

17 Issues Encountered Lack of an ATML users guide
Lack of toolsets required to create an ATML test system Editors for ATML instance documents “Trial-Use” IEEE standards Costs associated with IEEE standards

18 Learn More Today Anand Jain
April, 2002 Learn More Today Anand Jain Senior Software Engineer Derrick Snyder Product Manager

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