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ND Presentation State D. Sluis August 21, 2003, WG11 Meeting.

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1 ND Presentation State D. Sluis August 21, 2003, WG11 Meeting

2 D Sluis, Overview ND Presentation State motivation Conceptual overview of ND image (Sup63) Requirements overview Straw man pipeline & info model Next Steps

3 D Sluis, Clinical Use Describe how to view acquired “ND images” Preserve user created views for recall View “thumbnails” for user selection

4 D Sluis, D Images have Display State Up Down DICOM 2D image –Is array of pixels –Has orientation –Has Photometric Interpretation Presentation State alters or augments image display LeftRight Pixels Photometric Interpretation

5 D Sluis, ND “Images” Have No Display State No pixels –Cannot display as is –No horz/vert, up/down, left/right –No photometric interpretation –Multiple layers to display Acute need for ND Presentation State –A view of Stored Values in Component Array

6 D Sluis, ND Framework Component Array Component Dimension Component Value Stored Values

7 D Sluis, Real World Domain Mapping Real World Domains Component Value Value A Value Mapping Value B Stored Values Space, time, absorbance, velocity, … Component Dimension Mapping Unified, Consistent Mapping of Real World Domains

8 D Sluis, Ultrasound Example Space Component Value Echo Spatial Mapping Doppler Velocity Velocity Tissue Echo dBmm/s mm Stored Value Mapping

9 D Sluis, Requirements Classification Data Domain –Masking, thresholds, … Display domain –Mapping the 2D Display Window to the data –Define pixel intensity mapping –Multi-Window Display –Annotation and Graphics Other –Presentation Thumbnails

10 D Sluis, Masking Spatial and other Masking –Cut planes, bit masks, shapes… –Unions and intersections Value Masking –Threshold window –Comparative values (aka write priority)

11 D Sluis, Display Window Horizontal and vertical mapping to Component Array axes –Orthogonal, oblique,curved Dynamic behavior –Cine –Scrolling, sweeping, M-Mode –State paths Fly-through, moving cut plane Overlapping windows 2D Annotation and mask

12 D Sluis, Rendering Rendering type –Tomographic –Integrals Volumetric, MIP, etc. Shading: Phong, surface … Support coarse set of models? Value rendering –Color –Multi-Value Blending (  ) –Layer priority …

13 D Sluis, Multi-Window Display Bi- and multi-plane views, MPR M-Mode Synchronized windows (shared state)

14 D Sluis, Annotation and Graphics Data space –Shapes –Semantics Display space

15 D Sluis, Presentation State “Thumbnail” Views A 2D view intended to help user navigate images and presentation states Include in Presentation State? Image? –Icon Image (0088,0200) has awkward restrictions

16 D Sluis,

17 D Sluis, Draft Info Model

18 D Sluis, DICOM Supplements WG17 WG12 Spatial Registration (73) ND Image (63) ND Presentation State Enhanced US Approximate Time when Official DICOM WG17&WG11 Enhanced US PS 3D/4D US (43)

19 D Sluis, Next Steps? Use case and requirements consensus Tiered supplements? Work & coordination consensus Draft Work Item


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