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ND Presentation State D. Sluis August 21, 2003, WG11 Meeting.

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1 ND Presentation State D. Sluis August 21, 2003, WG11 Meeting

2 D Sluis, 2003-08-212 Overview ND Presentation State motivation Conceptual overview of ND image (Sup63) Requirements overview Straw man pipeline & info model Next Steps

3 D Sluis, 2003-08-213 Clinical Use Describe how to view acquired “ND images” Preserve user created views for recall View “thumbnails” for user selection

4 D Sluis, 2003-08-214 2D Images have Display State Up Down DICOM 2D image –Is array of pixels –Has orientation –Has Photometric Interpretation Presentation State alters or augments image display LeftRight Pixels Photometric Interpretation

5 D Sluis, 2003-08-215 ND “Images” Have No Display State No pixels –Cannot display as is –No horz/vert, up/down, left/right –No photometric interpretation –Multiple layers to display Acute need for ND Presentation State –A view of Stored Values in Component Array

6 D Sluis, 2003-08-216 ND Framework Component Array Component Dimension Component Value Stored Values

7 D Sluis, 2003-08-217 Real World Domain Mapping Real World Domains Component Value Value A Value Mapping Value B Stored Values Space, time, absorbance, velocity, … Component Dimension Mapping Unified, Consistent Mapping of Real World Domains

8 D Sluis, 2003-08-218 Ultrasound Example Space Component Value Echo Spatial Mapping Doppler Velocity Velocity Tissue Echo dBmm/s mm Stored Value Mapping

9 D Sluis, 2003-08-219 Requirements Classification Data Domain –Masking, thresholds, … Display domain –Mapping the 2D Display Window to the data –Define pixel intensity mapping –Multi-Window Display –Annotation and Graphics Other –Presentation Thumbnails

10 D Sluis, 2003-08-2110 Masking Spatial and other Masking –Cut planes, bit masks, shapes… –Unions and intersections Value Masking –Threshold window –Comparative values (aka write priority)

11 D Sluis, 2003-08-2111 Display Window Horizontal and vertical mapping to Component Array axes –Orthogonal, oblique,curved Dynamic behavior –Cine –Scrolling, sweeping, M-Mode –State paths Fly-through, moving cut plane Overlapping windows 2D Annotation and mask

12 D Sluis, 2003-08-2112 Rendering Rendering type –Tomographic –Integrals Volumetric, MIP, etc. Shading: Phong, surface … Support coarse set of models? Value rendering –Color –Multi-Value Blending (  ) –Layer priority …

13 D Sluis, 2003-08-2113 Multi-Window Display Bi- and multi-plane views, MPR M-Mode Synchronized windows (shared state)

14 D Sluis, 2003-08-2114 Annotation and Graphics Data space –Shapes –Semantics Display space

15 D Sluis, 2003-08-2115 Presentation State “Thumbnail” Views A 2D view intended to help user navigate images and presentation states Include in Presentation State? Image? –Icon Image (0088,0200) has awkward restrictions

16 D Sluis, 2003-08-2116

17 D Sluis, 2003-08-2117 Draft Info Model

18 D Sluis, 2003-08-2118 DICOM Supplements 2003200420052006 WG17 WG12 Spatial Registration (73) ND Image (63) ND Presentation State Enhanced US Approximate Time when Official DICOM WG17&WG11 Enhanced US PS 3D/4D US (43)

19 D Sluis, 2003-08-2119 Next Steps? Use case and requirements consensus Tiered supplements? Work & coordination consensus Draft Work Item


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