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The Earth Dragon Awakes

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1 The Earth Dragon Awakes

2 What genre is “The Earth Dragon Awakes?”
“The Earth Dragon Awakes is Historical Fiction. It is set in a real time and place, and tells about things that really happened; but it is a story and The characters are made up.

3 From which point of view is “The Earth Dragon Awakes” told?
“The Earth Dragon Awakes is told from a third person point of view. The narrator is not in the story. Words like “He and him” are used throughout the story.

4 When does the San Francisco earthquake begin?
The San Francisco earthquake happened in the spring of I know this because the dates are given in the story.

5 Why does Ah Sing push Chin under the table?
Ah Sing pushes Chin under the table to keep him safe from falling objects and shattering glass.

6 Why does the cry of “Fire!” pose more problems for Chin and Ah Sing?
The threat of fire means that people will be panicking and not hear Chin and Ah Sing’s cry for help. Also, if fire spreads to where they are, there is no escape.

7 What happens after Chin screams “Let me out!”?
Ah Sing stops digging and comforts Chin. He tells him not to panic. Chin thinks they will never escape, but then he smells fresh air.

8 Why does the feeling of a breeze cause Chin to have a renewed burst of energy?
Feeling a breeze means that there is a passage to the outside. Chin is hopeful that they can escape.

9 Who rescues Chin? Ah Quon rescues Chin and then proceeds to rescue his father.

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