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Riding Freedom Review.

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1 Riding Freedom Review

2 What genre is “Riding Freedom?”
“Riding Freedom” is historical fiction. It tells a story that is set in a real time and place in the past. The details about the time period are true, but the story is made up.

3 Is the story told in first or third person, and how do you know?
“Riding Freedom” is told in third person. I know this because the narrator is not a character in the story.

4 What can you learn about Charlotte from the first paragraph of the passage?
She must have been very brave and determined because she is a girl doing a boy’s job. She also was blinded in one eye, and it still trying to learn to do her job.

5 Why does Charlotte have to pretend that she is a boy?
In the mid 1800s most girls were not allowed to have paid jobs. Charlotte wanted to be a stage coach driver, so she had to pretend to be a boy.

6 Does Charlotte use formal or informal language?
Charlotte uses informal language. She talks just like somebody during that time period would. She says things like “practicin’ and drivin’.”

7 How does Charlotte learn to drive the coach again after she is blinded in one eye?
Charlotte relies on her other senses. Most drivers just use their vision, but Charlotte learns to use her sense of smell and hearing.

8 What makes Charlotte’s first ride with passengers after her accident difficult?
When Charlotte takes passengers out for the first time after her accident it is raining really hard, and it is hard to see the road.

9 Why did Charlotte make the passengers get out of the coach at the bridge?
Charlotte tested the bridge and feared that it would not be safe for the passengers. She didn’t want to risk their lives if the bridge would collapse.

10 What do you think Charlotte is feeling at the end of the story?
Charlotte probably felt pride and happiness because she did what she set out to do. She may have also felt relief that everyone was safe.

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