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What is Play-by-Post Role-Playing? A Presentation by the New Worlds Project

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2 What is Play-by-Post Role-Playing? A Presentation by the New Worlds Project

3 Mark Anthony does Play-by-Post Mark Anthony I have read the common setting I want to write about an orphan in the middle of the war My opening chapter is about the orphan wandering around the shattered city. New Worlds Project

4 Mark Anthony’s Opening Chapter Mark Anthony I have finished the first chapter of my story. I will now post it on the forum for everyone to read. New Worlds Project

5 Mark Anthony’s Chapter Attracts Attention – So it begins… Isabella I have also read the common setting. I have read Mark Anthony’s opening chapter I want to contribute to his story My character will try and take advantage of Mark Anthony’s character New Worlds Project

6 Isabella joins in Isabella I have written the second chapter, in response to Mark Anthony’s opening chapter. My character approaches the orphan, and asks the orphan whether he wants to work for some food. I will now post my chapter on the forum for everyone to read. New Worlds Project

7 Mark Anthony Replies Mark Anthony Isabella has thrown in a new character. My character reacts with curiosity, and agrees to some food. I post my new chapter in response. New Worlds Project

8 And so on and so forth until a story is completed. Mark Anthony and Isabella Continue writing, each writing from their characters’ points of views. Must always take into account the common setting. May be spontaneously joined by others. New Worlds Project

9 In an Academic Environment Storyline is more conditioned, controlled and has learning objectives Teacher plays central role: Controls character creation process Moderates storylines Contributes vital plot twists Leads in-class discussions about the on-going story Students play central role: Create their character Write from their character’s points of views Defend their characters’ actions in class discussions Lead the storyline – taking into account teacher plot twists. New Worlds Project

10 Teacher Perrot The story is designed to link directly to curriculum. I approve the characters the students make. I guide the story, contributing to the story elements inspired by the curriculum. In class, we discuss the story, highlighting how what the students write about compares to the reality expressed in the curriculum. New Worlds Project

11 Student Emily I have created a character based on the guidelines given by Teacher Perrot As homework, me and my classmates write how our characters react I can team up with other classmates, and have our characters interact. In class we discuss the story and have to defend why our characters react in a certain way. New Worlds Project

12 Key Prerequisites A Website with 3 vital components An Advanced Website Stores all content created for New Worlds. Is the hub for all community interaction Is the centre for showcasing completed works New Worlds Project

13 1. User Account Systems User Account Systems Enables limiting access Allows for digital signature of contributions made Allows the user a personal identity Allows one-on-one interaction New Worlds Project

14 2. Discussion Forums & Chats Discussion Forums (+ Chat Rooms) “Play-by-Post” Allow collaborative writing Allow instant publication Allow discussion of on-going storylines Allow community feedback New Worlds Project

15 3. Content Management System Content Management System Multi-user access to info about common setting. Permits ePublication of completed novels. All users can contribute to the common setting Permits ePublication of graphics and music New Worlds Project

16 Website + Components Fully Integrated New Worlds Project

17 The Website and the Method Combined Create opportunities for creative expression Create a fully integrated eLearning approach Offer opportunities for students to collaborate User centred Educator centred Integrated with a wider community New Worlds Project Building creative communities, One PbP experience at a time…

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