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Photosynthesis VS Respiration

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1 Photosynthesis VS Respiration
Place the following items in the correct location on a Venn Diagram

2 Part of Metabolism Chloroplast Mitochondria Uses Carbon Dioxide Uses Oxygen be specific Uses Glucose Uses Water Produces Carbon Dioxide Produces Oxygen Produces Glucose Produces Water Produces a net gain of ATP Dependent on Light

3 14. Converts inorganic compounds to organic compounds
15. Converts organic compounds into inorganic compounds 16. Requires pigments 17. Plants, Some Protists, Some Bacteria 18. Forms Oxygen from water 19. Forms Water from Oxygen 20. Chlorophyll 21. Used By ALL Organisms 22. Energy Construction 23. Energy Releasing 24. Occurs in Autotrophs 25. Occurs in Heterotrophs 26. Includes the Calvin Cycle 27. Includes Light Dependent Reaction

4 Aerobic vs anaerobic respiration

5 Glycolysis in Cytoplasm
Uses Oxygen Does NOT Use Oxygen Carbon Dioxide is Released ATP is made Lactic Acid Fermentation Most Efficient Form of Respiration Least Efficient Form of Respiration Krebs Cycle Uses Glucose Bacteria

6 12. Alcoholic Fermentation
13. Carbohydrate is broken down releasing energy 14. Sore Muscles 15. Electron Transport Chain 16. Yeast 17. Bread 18. Cheese, Yogurt, Sour Cream Buttermilk 19. Wine, Beer 20. Mitochondria Prokaryotic Cells Eukaryotic Cells

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