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SHC 4 th Parish Coordinating Committee Meeting(2012-15) “ Oneness in Heart and Spirit for the Parish Family” Oonw Dr. Damian Lee 16/05/14.

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1 SHC 4 th Parish Coordinating Committee Meeting(2012-15) “ Oneness in Heart and Spirit for the Parish Family” Oonw Dr. Damian Lee 16/05/14

2 AGENDA FOR 4th PCC MEETING (1) Opening prayers. (2) Introduction and apologies. (3) Welcoming address and words of encouragement from Msgr. Primus. (4) Fellowship /refreshment. (5) Updates on SHC 3 PPP focus, Parish Feast weeklong celebrations & expectation on parish groups. (6) Feedback from Parish groups. (7) AOB. (8) Date of next meeting (9) Closing prayers and adjournment

3 Overview As Parish leaders we need to know & understand the bigger “Parish Picture” from where we function. Macro comes before Micro – Without Parish - no Parish communities/groups. Pertinent to know, understand & own the 3 PPP. Focus & address them as Parish & Church in areas where your Charism lies. Group leaders after being trained in their groups are supposed to grow up & serve at Parish level.

4 Parish Pastoral Priorities (PPP). Interlinked,. Interconnected,. Interrelated. Catholic Faith Formation Family Issues Reaching out to Parishioners (PFPN)

5 Parish Pastoral Priority (PPP) Catholic Faith Formation : Richard Angkis Family Issues : Dr. Jeffery Soon Pastoral Outreach – PFPN : Jason Joenoi

6 Theme for SHC Parish Feast  SHC Parish Feast theme – Working towards : Oneness in Heart and Spirit for the Parish Family.  Unity - United we stand, Divided we fall.  SHCP Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus weeklong “inclusive” celebration – 23 rd – 29 th June 2014.  Be aware and understand the content of our Parish feast celebration, commit and play your role as united Parish Family member.

7 Parish Feast Week Long Celebration Triduum 23 rd -25 th June – 9.00 am to 9.00 pm - 36 hours of Novena with the Eucharist, prayers, Word of God, Holy hour, Dedication to the Sacred Heart of Jesus exposition of the blessed sacrament. Eucharist – 9.00am Gospel Proclamation with reflection 12.00 noon, 3.00pm, 6.00pm. Reposition of the blessed sacrament.

8 Triduum All 79 SHC/CMI parish community, group, ministry are expected to commit 1 hour duty in charge of leading the daily 9 hour Novena. This provides all parish family members an opportunity to prepare ourselves spiritually and pastorally as Parish and Church to celebrate our Parish feast worthily and meaningfully. Instilling a stronger sense of responsibility, belonging and ownership to the Parish family.

9 DateTimeGroupsLEADERSCONTACT NOS. 23 Jun (Mon) 9,00AMPPC (SHC)Damian Lee019-8802245 Young Adults Prayer Group Felix Wong012-802 7790 AlphaAnthony Lim019-810 9461 Biblical Apostolate Richard Wong012-821 0014 10.00amCatholic Women's League Anita Tunggolou016-588 1052 CWL(CMI) Elizabeth Palencia0168392528 11.00amChristian Family Life (BM) Anthony Makinjal019-862 3936 Legion of Mary (BM) Peter Boly016-586 9002 12.00pmAltar Servers (E)/Youth Ministry (CMI) Shawn Palencia012-8326872 Choir (E) (CMI)Annabel Tiu 1.00pmChristian Family Life (English) Anthony Kong019-881 5571 EMC & Senior CitizensPatrick Chin 013-8713398 2.00pmCouples for Christ B.G. Chin016-832 7287 Children's Liturgy (E)/Faith Formation (CMI) Clarice Moiji012-8032995 3.00pmCatholic Nurses' Guild Francisca Malantin016-830 0767 Boys' Brigade Anna Liew014-679 8856 4.00pmEnvironment Committee Catherine Wan013-887 5157 Special LiturgyRita Chin019-880 8825 5.00pm Boys' Brigade (CMI)Anna Liew 014-6798856 Girls' Brigade Rowena Chua016-836 2828 6.00pmKorean Community Lawrence Jakil010-900 3657 Filipino CommunityErma Fernandez010-953 3998 7.00pmLegion of Mary (Chinese Curia)Christopher M.C.Voo019-881 5876 Wardens © (CMI)Henry Wey 8.00pmLegion of Mary (English) Victoria M. Voon016-844 5213 Para-LiturgySr. M. Cecilia Liew, FSIC088-210372

10 24 Jun (Tue) 9.00amLJCCC (BM) Michael Dony013-868 9090 Prayer Meeting (BM) George Erus013-866 9684 Kolompok Keluarga Katolik Indonesia (K3IKA) Bernadus Boro016-582 7685 Youth - KBHK Mariana Sinam016-845 7285 10.00amLJCCC (English) Daniel Kong019-820 8030 LJCCC (Royal Ambassador Youth) Aline Lim 019-534 1705 11.00amNeo-Catechumenate Community Edward Muthu012-803 5115 Holy Trinity Community Marysia Lawhi013-876 3500 12.00pmMission Awareness Team (M.A.T.) Doreen Poh 012-8022017 Lectors & Commentators (E) (CMI)Rose Chu 1.00pmPrayer (Bethel) Meeting (English) George Thien019-862 3373 Intercessory (E) (CMI)Alexander Yan 2.00pmPrayer Meeting (Mandarin) John Wong017-811 8119 LJCCC (Mandarin) Anthony Kong019-881 5571 3.00pmPrison Service Vincent Rajah019-587 2468 SHC Charity Outreach Oliver Kong (CDC)016-832 8600 4.00pmSenior Parishioners Ministry (Eng) Lina Tseu016-838 3987 Wardens (E) (CMI)Morris Clovito 016-8153388 5.00pmSenior Parishioners Ministry (Mand) Catherine Yong016-838 1766 Christian Family Life (Mandarin) Martina Voo019-851 7404 6.00pmSecular Franciscan Order Catherine Raymond012-838 1302 St. Joseph's Benevolent Fund (SJBF) Paul Lee013-890 5228 7.00pm Secular Carmelite (OCDS) CommunityMagdelene Liow019-810 0137 RCIC (English)Regina Sulit012-828 9791 8.00pm Apologetics MinistryMatthew Liow016-839 5337 Apostolate of Divine MercyHenry Liew016-587 2585

11 25 Jun (Wed) 9.00am PPC (CMI)David Ho016-8368112 Youth - Lifeline Dennis Tsen016-843 5133 Youth - LifeteenNelly Majain012-838 8148 Sacred Heart Chinese Youth (SHCY)Mathew Lo019-580 5126 10.00am Kids of the KingdomJane Chia016-832 3710 Children's Liturgy (English)Vera Golinsu016-831 0147 11.00am Ministry to Deaf PeopleGeraldine Chin019-820 8265 Special Ministry for People with Developmental Disabilities John Liew088-216355 12.00pm RCIA (BM)Richard Angkis019-830 4433 Sunday Faith Formation Ministry (BM) (PMG)Peter Suking013-839 2740 RCIC (BM)Cosmas Bodon K.013-869 1966 1.00pm Sunday Faith Formation Ministry (Mand)Catherine Wan013-887 5157 RCIA (Mandarin)Johnsen Chen 016-849 6192 RCIC (Mandarin)Pauline Wong016-839 4549 2.00pmAltar Servers © (CMI)Lily Pan Choir © (CMI)Christina Chen Lectors & Commentators © (CMI)Theresa Yong 012-8204230 3.00pm Sunday Faith Formation Ministry (Eng)Gregory Matanjun013-851 7888 RCIA (English)David Tan019-860 1699 4.00pm Altar Servers Ian Jordan R. Valintinus 016-806 8679 Choir (English)Nicholas Lee016-833 5747 5.00pm Choir (Mandarin)James Lee016-842 7138 Children's Liturgy (Mandarin)Helen Yee013-860 4689 Children's Liturgy © (CMI)Maria Liau 6.00pm Choir (BM)Rayner Justin016-838 5334 Children's Liturgy (BM)Dominic Linus016-8170257 7.00pm Intercessory MinistryJeffrey Lee013-869 8338 Wardens / Hospitality MinistryIgnatius Sikan019-530 7470 8.00pm Extraordinary Ministers for CommunionChristopher Voo019-881 5816 Lectors & CommentatorsIgnatius LJ Matayun019-881 0147

12 Friendly Parish Family Sports 1 st ever Friendly soccer between Priests and SHC parishioners. Date: 25 th June, 2014. Time: 4.00 – 5.00pm Venue: Penampang Stadium – Open to all parishioners. 1 st come 1 st serve 20 participants Jersey and venue arranged by Paul Jikiun.

13 Parish Feast WL Celebration 26 th Thursday Actual date SHJ Holy Eucharist concelebrated by Archbishop John Wong and all archdiocesan priests for their sanctification. All SHC and CMI Parish groups/ministries to take part in Grand procession before mass from the Chapel, round the road along the centenary monuments to the main entrance of Cathedral. Come in full force to show Unity and Oneness in Parish Family Spirit with Candles…SH Hymns....uniform..etc.

14 Parish Feast WL Celebration 27 th June - Friday- Movie Night. Life of St. Augustine – 1 of the greatest teachers of strong faith & thinkers of Catholic Church. 6 th Day - 28 th June Sat.- Parish Youth Musical night. Taken care by SHCP youth groups. 7 th Day - 29 th June- Sunday- Parish family Carnival 7.00am -2.00pm Great fellowship, food, fun, games, sports and carnival celebration Parish hall.

15 Parish Feast Family Carnival 29 th June, 8.00am Parish Hall TELEMATCH – 10 groups /family with 5 persons /group. Games- Spoon egg race, 2 legged race Straw with rubberband, Ball in the basket, Sack race, Musical chairs.. Prices to be won….

16 Parish Feast WL Celebration Treasure Hunt - 12.00 noon- Within SHCP boundary. Family groups of 3 per group to participate. Only 1 hint is given on where the treasure is. Parish Priest to hide the treasure. 30 mins – 2 nd hint is given if not found. Price to be won.

17 Parish Feast WL Celebration 29 th June, Thanksgiving Dinner at SHCP 7.30pm Annual thanksgiving dinner from the Parish to show appreciation to all Parishioners, workers and others who have served, helped and journeyed together as Church and Parish for the past year.

18 Inclusive Parish Family Spirit Weeklong celebration of oneness in Faith and family specially planned to suit all strata of SHC Parishioners from the 4 language groups (including the sign language) & background. Always something for every parishioner to participate, to absorb & be part of Parish Family.

19 Inclusive Parish Family Spirit Inclusive Week long celebration to instill a stronger sense of belonging and ownership. Official Demarcation of Parishes. Publishing of Zones/ taman in our Website as well as notice board.

20 Parish Family Spirit There are 79 language/SL groups in SHC Parish. PFPN’s Primary role as Parish Vehicle & CORE channel network is to reach out to all Catholic families & members in the housings to build the Parish Family spirit by encouraging all to join in the weeklong celebrations for Parishioners to feel and experience the Parish family spirit.

21 Publicity - SOCCOM Website: Billboards at SHC and CMI Flyers for Taman Distribution through PFPN Zone/ Taman Coordinators. Bookmark prayer cards. Triduum booklets in 3 languages. Facebook pages/ What’s app groups.. Email list of Parishioners.

22 Feedback from SHCP Website 14/4 - 13/5/14 11,600 visitors – 40% new visitors ; 60% revisit 58% - Malaysia, follow by Indonesia, US, SG, Philippines, India, UK, AU, NZ, Nigeria, Russia. Most popular page - Pastoral Calendar, church bulletin follow by Pastoral Calendar, Directory, Schedules – Sacraments, Sub-parish CMI - visitors came looking for news and info.

23 Website feedback 14/4- 13/5/14 Malaysia – Top visitors in terms of States Sabah, KL, Sarawak, Selangor, Johor, Putrajaya, Kelantan, Perak, Penang, Kedah, NS, Malacca, Perlis, Pahang and Trengganu. Cities – KK, KL, Kuching Browsers : Chrome -41%, Android – 19%, Safari-15%, Firefox-13%, Internet Exp- 7%

24 Sustainable Website Monthly update articles on your group/ ministry and sharing to make our website sustainable, informative, dynamic & preferred. Calling all leaders/ individuals passionate in Social communication to join SOCCOM to contribute your ideas, share expertise to evangelize in the new media. Team of translators – English to BN/Mandarin

25 The Way Forward (1) Over 300 neophytes (Catholic families) are baptized to join SHC Parish this year. As an inclusive Parish we need to reach out to all neophytes to join a group, ministry or PFPN to start new pastoral journey. Start them early – revive the SGNB ministry.

26 The Way Forward (2) Calling all Parish group/ ministries’ leaders to get in touch with their respective Zones/ Taman Coordinators so that we can together begin to live our faith in the new evangelization and work towards oneness in Heart and Spirit for the Parish family in addressing 3 top PPP. HOW ???

27 Take home Message Working towards - ONENESS IN HEART & SPIRIT FOR PARISH FAMILY HOW to achieve that as Leaders of Parish groups /ministries??

28 Take steps to allow “Group based” mindset to elevate & evolve into “Parish based” mentality. Addressing 3 PPP with concerted effort on 6C. To Cooperate, Collaborate, Communicate, Converge and Compliment with and between the Parish Priest/clergy/ PPC to Create unity & work to address 3 PPP as Church & ONE Parish Family.

29 Conclusion If 79 groups put in concerted efforts/ action on 6C framework sooner than later SHCP/ CMI shall be: Addressing & managing our 3 top PPP with Oneness in Heart, Spirit & Parish with the guidance of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus moving us from “Oneness in groups to Oneness in Parish”. Sustainable, Vibrant, Mature & Complete Parish. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


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