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Recap & Orientation for SHC Parish Recollection 10 th – 12 th July 2014 SHC Parish Centre Dr. Damian Lee 10/7/14.

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1 Recap & Orientation for SHC Parish Recollection 10 th – 12 th July 2014 SHC Parish Centre Dr. Damian Lee 10/7/14

2 OVERVIEW Introduction & background. The birth 3 Parish Pastoral Priority (PPP). PDW 08 recommendations, resolutions & conclusion (RRC) to address 3 PPP. Status of implementing RRC for 3 PPP. Concerns, Problems & Challenges involved. What is Parish recollection 2014? - Expectations from Parish & of delegates. The Way forward.

3 Introduction & Background Y2K – New Pastoral milestone. Prime mover - Rector in consultation with SHC Parish Council took a Strategic Giant leap forward to transform the Parish Council (PC) into Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). 3 years after diocesan organizational Pastoral Plan (DOPP) in 1997. 17 years after Vatican II code of Canon Law 536(1983)mandated PPC.

4 Parish Pastoral Building Process 2000 to 2005 SHC PPC operationalized the process of finding & defining Pastoral care & Scope. Initiating & Coordinating the Building Process of DOPP in the Parish.

5 Vehicle for Pastoral transformation Spiritual discernment was adopted as the key vehicle and process to seek and listen to God’s will and way in moving into Pastoral transformation.

6 Pastoral Planning Breakthrough-PDW06 Strategic Parish Pastoral Planning. Involving 130 Parish key group leaders. Zeroing in and Focusing on: (1)Parish Pastoral Priorities (PPP) (2)Charting out SHC Parish Pastoral Direction in line, in spirit, in form and in substance of DOPP.

7 2006 PDW Findings & resolutions Consensually identified & derived top 3 Parish Pastoral Priorities (PPP). (1) Family issues (2) Faith Formation. (3) Reaching out to Parishioners. Family issues Catholic faith formation Reaching out (PFPN)

8 PPC TASKS Formed a competent Parish Pastoral survey committee to conduct the 1 st ever Parish Pastoral survey to get feedback on ‘where the Parish is in the context of 3 PPP’ Survey feedback – 21 st -22 nd April 07. 1 st Pastoral initiative to address PPP Parish Family Visit - 08 to 10/ 2007.

9 PFV feedback 1518 families were visited. Requests for more caring pastoral activities for Parish. Venue for Counseling/ Counselors. Some families request for in-depth visit to help address their problems.

10 PDW 2008 RRC (1) Faith Formation Redefined Parish Faith Formation. Educating in the Faith or Catholic faith formation in discipleship and in witness is not a set of rules and instructions but “rather it means helping one another, to enter into a living relationship with Christ and with the Father. ” (Pope Benedict XVI, Ecclesial Congress, Rome, June, 2007)

11 PDW 2008 RRC A Pastoral body comprising the rector, religious & appropriate lay leaders who have a passion for faith formation to study and come out with recommendations on the holistic spiritual faith formation needs of the parish. (FROM CRADLE TO HEAVEN).

12 PDW 2008 RRC (2) Family issues Urgent need to bring awareness & effects of the impending “TIDAL WAVE” of THE CULTURE OF DEATH to the church & the failure of the church to respond effectively. Not doing enough to address the issues affecting us : dadah, pornography and all the other components of the culture of death

13 PDW 2008 RRC (3) Reaching out to P. Set up the PFPN as a network of parishioners within the parish. Network proposed to consist of  PFPN core group;  Zones;  Taman/ housing estates;  Clusters  Families

14 PDW 2008 RRC Proposed Scope Of PFPN 1.To cater to the immediate social welfare needs of the Parish families. Death in the family ( funeral arrangement, prayers, financial assistance etc) Sickness – sending to hospital, hospital visits etc Tragedies – fire, accident, flood etc 2.As 2 way communication line for dissemination of information Information on seminars being organized in church, formation program, etc Updating family data, problem within the families, social problems etc.

15 RESOLUTION (2)a. We (the 160 PDW 08 delegates) will be Committed to support and be the prime agents of implementation/ change. (2)b. We will make consistent and diligent efforts to impart this to our brothers and sisters in our respective groups / communities. (3)c. Let us not just ‘feel good’ up here but begin to respond to the promptings & leadings of the Holy Spirit.

16 PPC TASKS 3 Advisory Committees formed in June 08 under Main Steering Committee to do in depth study how to address 3 PPP effectively. Key recommendations from these 3 advisory committees were approved for implementation by Parish priest/PPC at the SHC PPC meeting held on 30 th October 2008.

17 Status of Implementation for Catholic Faith Formation (1) Parish Pastoral Body formed to streamline, study & review Parish Catholic faith formation process, structure & contents. (2) Orientation for ALL SHCP Catholic Faith Formatters on Resolutions & Conclusion of PDW 08 on 09/03/09.

18 Status of implementation for Faith Formation (3) RCIA seminar for CF facilitators conducted by American Msgr. Thomas Ivory-19 -21/01/09. (4) Dialogue between ALL parish Catholic Faith facilitators & the Rector PPC / Cate. committee on 23/06/09. (5) Recollection for All Parish Catholic Faith formatters on 12/09/09.

19 Status of Implementation for Family Issues (1) Parish Youth Pastoral Coordinator (PYPC) was employed on 18/05/09. (2) Counseling centre/ Room was set up by Diocesan Commission on Family life at G1 SHP centre on 01/06/09. (3) 1 st session on Family issues seminar in English ‘ Family – God’s Masterpiece’ on 06/06/09.

20 Status of Implementation for Family Issues 31/08/09- 1 st Bm & 2 nd Eng. seminar, ‘Family – God’s Masterpiece’ held simultaneously drawing combined audience of 600 parishioners. 13/09/09-1 st ever parish level seminar by PPC/ Chinese speaking community on ‘Family – God’s Masterpiece. 200 Chinese speaking crowd of children, teenagers &parents.

21 Status of Implementation for PFPN (1) Parish Family Pastoral Network (PFPN) launched on 29/11/08 with 43 Zones, 234 coordinators in 210 tamans within the Parish boundary. (2) Caroling 08 very well handled by PFPN – zero receipts unreturned. (3) 5/02/09- PFPN Core Team formed. (4) 25/03/09-Dialogue with SJBF with appointment Jessie Y as PBC.

22 Status of PFPN implementation (5) Lent (02 – 04/ 09) Leaflets on Parish Lenten Events, Lenten message from Archbishop & SHCP Easter liturgical services. Teenage & youth Easter program – Lent Unplugged on 03/04/09. Children’s Easter party on 26/04/09.

23 Status of Implementation for PFPN (6) 25/4/09- Rosary Seminar to prepare for Parish Block Rosary in October. (7) 7/5/09-PFPN Coordinator employed. (8) 15/5/09- Reorientation, formation & briefing for SHC Parish staff /workers. (9) PFPN accepted the assignment from PPC to initiate celebration of the Parish feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus in June 2009.

24 Status of PFPN Implementation Leaflet with Rector’s message on why we celebrate our Parish feast day & events for the whole month of June for this feast. Gotong Royong, Devotion to Sacred Heart in Eng. Bm and Chinese, Closing Feast day Eucharist, Family Day on 21/06/09 and Blood donation on 28/06/09 – 122 pints record.

25 (10) Update Parish Census 07/08/09 - 30/09/09. (11) Refining Parish boundaries with SS, SM & SC-38 zones 2328 families. (12) Parish Block Rosary – 1 st ever Parish level house to house block Rosary for SHC Parish for October 09.

26 Weeklong Parish feast 3 rd – 9 th 2013 Launching of SHCP official website:


28 Feedback from SHCP Website 14/5 – 13/6/14 11,600 visitors – 40% new 60% revisit 58% - Malaysia, follow by Indonesia, US, SG, Philippines, India, UK, AU, NZ, Nigeria, Russia. Most popular page - Pastoral Calendar, church bulletin follow by Pastoral Calendar, Directory, Schedules – Sacraments, Sub-parish CMI -


30 Challenges & Opportunities (1) Invariably Parish groups’ members are committed & content to do whatever task ask of them by their group but not so for the Parish…... Unable to see ‘bigger parish picture’. Seeing only the Micro leaving the Macro perspective of the Parish.

31 Challenges & Opportunities Awareness & importance on 3 PPP. (2) Lack of Integration, Unity & Cooperation within, between & among some Parish groups/ Parish. These Groups work in divergence rather than convergence. Leading to a ‘burnt out’ Parish. Consequence - rebuilding from scratch.

32 Challenges & Opportunities (3) Resistance to Pastoral change. Inconsistent commitment to follow through Pastoral initiatives to address 3 PPP among & between Parish 4 language sectors.

33 Challenges & Opportunities “ Parish Groups/ministries leaders & members after being trained in their respective group are suppose to grow up & come up to serve at the Parish level” Moving from Micro to Macro level of leadership.

34 Challenges & Opportunities (1) Timing is right to come together to discern because opportunities & providential moments once gone, will never come back. Prejudice & Distrust cannot and will not build a Parish. They can only tear us apart. (2) Cash in on our Parish Diversity. Use it as a forte to build and grow the Parish rather than a crack line around which our Parish fractures.

35 What is Parish recollection 2014? (1) A spiritual compass. SHC Parish Pastoral Planning /Retreat. key Parish leaders gathered together as a Parish Family to seriously : discern, pray, reflect, review how best to shape & chart out a more refined, relevant, renewed, Parish-owned roadmap and to embrace this to address 3 PPP in line with DOPP.

36 What is Parish recollection 2014? (2) key parish leaders going through the process of owning & becoming Parish prime agents of change/ implementation this blueprint on how best to address the 3 PPP.

37 PR 2014 MAXIM A due process for Parish Leaders: To discern on owning, embracing & living up & out the role of Servant hood & journeying together as Church united to address the 3 PPP moving from : “ Oneness in groups” to “ Oneness in Heart & Spirit for the Parish Family”.

38 Parish & delegates’ expectations Act by praying to get involved. Paying attention & listen to God’s voice & will. The art of choosing well. Sorting out ‘Weeds among the Wheat’.

39 Expectations Active participation & reporting. Feedback/ contributions from all delegates. Summary & Compilation on KEY points gathered to address 3 PPP. A refined & updated Pastoral Direction & Roadmap on how best to address 3 PPP & embrace it with a Parish Mission Statement.

40 Expectations Pass resolutions for ALL delegates on: 1) To own & embrace this renewed Parish Pastoral Direction & Roadmap by all 4 Parish languages sectors. (2) All Parish leaders to commit to inform, share & disseminate to all the respective groups’ members & 20,000 Parishioners this renewed direction & support all pastoral measures to be taken on how best to address 3 PPP.

41 Calling for Leadership (1) Exercise Leadership with humility Compassion, Commitment & Love. (2) Pray for Holy Spirit to docile in our mission to practice servant hood & journey together with the 6 Cs: Cooperate; Collaborate; Complement; Converge; Communicate; Create Unity & integrate as Church & Parish.

42 Challenging Way Forward Prayer is essential. SHC/CMI Parish intercessory Prayer group to pray for success of Parish recollection as well as all delegates personal prayers.

43 The PGCG Until & Unless 4 Parish language Communities could come to terms & own the 3 PPP, the task of coming together to commit & embrace to work as prime Change agents to address PPP, SHC Parish cannot &will not move forward to grow pastorally to a higher level as the worthy and mature mother Parish of KK Archdiocese.

44 See your faith realize Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. Saint Augustine Saint Augustine P.ray U.ntil S.omething H. appens


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