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Family & Consumer Sciences Teaching: Eight Perspectives Light in the Family and the Light of the Mind.

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1 Family & Consumer Sciences Teaching: Eight Perspectives Light in the Family and the Light of the Mind.

2 Grant County High School To me the Family and Consumer Sciences profession means making a difference in youth and adult lives. We teach basic life skills that enhance a person’s success through financial management, nutrition, public speaking skills, self- confidence, and self-control. The list goes on and on. I know that I am making a positive impact on someone’s life even if they don’t come to realize it for several years. A quote comes to mind to end my thoughts on being an FCS professional. Leo Buscaglia said, “The easiest thing in the world to be is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don’t let them put you in that position.” Anna Day, 1983 Dry Ridge, KY FCCLA!

3 Pro “I have been blessed to work in a profession that I love! What other profession empowers consumers and strengthens families and communities? This is a huge responsibility and one that is ever changing. The vision of FCS Education states this better than I: “Family & Consumer Sciences Education empowers individuals and families across the lifespan to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society. Our unique focus is on families, work and their interrelationships.” FCS gave me opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for life. Reflecting on my professional career in FCS, I would not change any part!” Debbie Tankersley, 1956 Frankfort, KY

4 I chose FCS because after working with teenage girls who had made difficult decisions (I worked at a crisis pregnancy care center.) I decided I wanted to be on the "preventative side" rather than the "curative side" of today's youth. I believe that FCS provides the best opportunity to help teenagers make good, valuable decisions. It teaches lessons that they can take with them their whole lives. Many teenagers today do not have stable homes where they learn how to make good decisions about their diet, appearance, money, relationships, and self-worth. FCS is the only content area that teaches about all of these. Jenna Fee,1981 Lexington, KY Garrard County High School

5 ”Working as an FCS professional not only allows me to do what I love each and every day, but also grants me the ability to directly impact the lives of those with whom I work. I have the ability to shed new light on subjects that people may have previously heard about, and at the same time change any misconceptions or introduce new ideas to them. Working as an FCS professional truly allows me the opportunity to change the world I live in and the lives of those around me. It also allows others I work with to teach me and change me so that together we can all better society and our way of life.” Heather Lawrence,1983 Florence, KY Holmes High School

6 Bryan Station High School Tiffany Welch,1972 Lexington, KY I believe that Family and Consumer Sciences choose me, long before I choose it as a profession. My entire life has been spent serving communities, families and individuals. I enjoyed building relationships with all individuals, valued the power of families and saw the importance of prevention in all aspects of life. Once introduced to FCS three years ago, I knew that for me the puzzle I had been attempting to solve my whole life now made sense. I had found my passion and it had encompassed all of the interests in my life. Today, working as a high school FCS teacher, I feel so blessed that I can effectively enrich students’ lives and provide them with the knowledge base that they can draw from for the rest of their lives.

7 Kentucky FCCLA State Meeting Family and Consumer Sciences has been a passion of mine since I was enrolled in Life Skills as a freshman in high school. From that point on I knew that I would teach in this profession. As a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher everyday offers something new, from discoveries made by my students or the impact that I have made on a student’s life. Family and Consumer Sciences enables students to become future leaders and to solve personal problems they may face in their families, careers, or communities. There is no other profession I would rather be a part of than Family and Consumer Sciences! FCCLA Leadership Camp STAR Event Project Susan Dews, 1983 Corinth, KY Campbell County High School

8 “ Both of my parents have 8th grade educations, so just going to college was a major life changing event for me. Choosing Family and Consumer Sciences as a profession helped strengthen my individual and family values. It also taught me skills in nutrition, clothing and housing that I could use, and share with others. Teaching gave me the avenue to pass on family and consumer sciences skills to middle and high school youth. And hopefully, those skills gave students the opportunity to be better family members and more productive citizens. Life is much more than the saying, "You are what you eat." You are also, who you are, based on your family background and the life altering decisions you make. Decisions determine your destiny. I'm grateful for two major decisions in my life - one, going to college and two, choosing family and consumer sciences.” Brenda Owen Lexington, KY

9 “The content I am privileged to teach my students is of upmost importance for their future. Therefore, I naturally develop a passion for their “getting it.” When they do comprehend, I can rest assured that they are equipped with the knowledge to make better choices in life. My hope is that we will see stronger, happier and healthier families in the future."FCCLA Soldier Project Walk-A-Thon Clay County Middle School Student & Prison Inmate Neonatal Blanket Project Karen Grubb, 1956 Manchester, KY

10 Family & Consumer Sciences Teaching: An Excellent Career! Light in the Family and the Light of the Mind.

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