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Status of “.KR” March 2, 2004 KRNIC JiEun

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1 Status of “.KR” March 2, 2004 KRNIC JiEun Park(

2 Task of KRNIC Cooperation with internet-related international organizations R&D of Internet-related subjects Release Internet-related Statistics Technical Support Policy Development management of.KR Name server & D/B allocations & assignment of IPv4&ASN IPv6, ENUM etc.

3 Registrants KRNIC operate & maintain name server/DB develop Internet resource policy set DRP(dispute resolution policy&procedure) set AA’s task standards Approval /Contract Contract domain name registration service added service (ex. Parking, web hosting…) accredited by KRNIC AA 2 AA(Authorized Agency) 1 AA 7 … Competition Flowchart

4 History  Jun. 29 th 1999 KRNIC was founded as a non-profit organization Became to register multiple domain names per 1 certificate  Jan. 4 th 2002 Launched.KR Domain Name Dispute Resolution committee  Aug. 19th 2002 Competition system introduction for domain name registration phase(authorized agencies)  Aug. 19th 2003 Started 한글.kr service( 한글 stands for Korean character)

5 Total no. of DN No. of 한글.KR Number of Domain Names

6 Component of ratio of KR

7 Status of 한글.kr  Key points 한글.KR has been launched since August 19 th, 10:00 Registrations at second level ex) 한글.kr However, ASCII names are still registered at third level ex) Sunrise period for public names, registered trade marks and company names. After sunrise period, we started FCFS in Nov. 4, 2003.  Number of 한글.KR : About 73,000(Feb. 2004)  Connection ratio For 한글.KR, about 30% is linked to homepage For ascii domain name, about 60% is linked to homepage

8 MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication) KRNIC (Korea Network Information Center) Entrust the national duty of Internet resources management in Korea Approval of -President&Board members -KRNIC bylaws, regulations -Domain name registration fee -KR dispute application fee Auditing every three years Environment Change_present

9 Environment Change  Passed a law concerning.KR (Jan. 29, 2004) Ministry of Information and Communication(MIC) enacted, “Act on Internet Address Resources” Rationale for Proposal & Major details To establish a system to govern the registration and management of Internet addresses including designation of an Internet Address Management Authority. To protect the rights of duly entitled parties to the use of relevant Internet addresses by banning preemptive occupation and registration of domain names for unjustified purposes. To establish the National Internet Agency(tentative named) as the organization in charge of efficiently executing government policies as regards Internet address resources, and sets forth its major duties. To set up an Internet address dispute conciliation system so as to efficiently resolve disputes arising from registration/use of Internet addresses.

10  Change on the status of KRNIC Environment Change_after BeforeAfter Name of Organization Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC) National Internet Agency (NIA) (tentatively named ) Characteristic of Organization Non-profit organization Statutory organization NIC function will be kept continuously in NIA Law is going to be enforced on August, 2004

11 Thank you ~ KRNIC JiEun Park(

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