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Chandragupta and Ashoka

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1 Chandragupta and Ashoka
Mauryan Empire Chandragupta and Ashoka

2 Who was Chandragupta Maurya?
340 BC—298 BC Unified India into 1st Hindu-centered empire Ruled India from Won battles to keep his kingdom Accepted Jainism in his later years Gave up his throne Fasted to death Not a whole lot more is known about him.

3 How did India change under Chandragupta’s rule?
It gained a very organized government It centered around Hinduism It unified the small Aryan states (thus creating India) Strong economy (trade) Art and architecture Buddhism and Jainism became popular

4 Maurya Empire 320 BCE- conquers the Nanda Empire

5 And in 20 years, does this:

6 Ashoka Maurya The Grandson of Chandragupta 273-232 BC
Ruled India from BC Fought and killed the Kalinga Expanded the empire Converted to Buddhism and rejects violence Spreads peaceful living through empire Reputation for being mean and great at fighting– a bit bloodthirsty (possible torture chambers??) Kalinga= Deccan region– killed 100,000, when walking through the bodies he has a change of heart. wikipedia

7 How did India change under Ashoka?
Made Buddhism state religion Made empire peaceful Created Buddhist monuments all over the place 33 edicts about Buddhism and life in general Devotes life to bettering the lives of people and animals (no animals or people can be harmed or killed) Set up roads and treasury Fun Ashoka Fact: He created the world’s first known animal hospitals! Edicts are on pillars, cave walls, and other monuments

8 The mauryan empire under Ashoka

9 One of the pillars of Ashoka

10 Stupa of Ashoka wikipedia

11 Temple wikipedia

12 “Buddhist proselytism at the time of king ashoka” (thanks http://en

13 Death of Ashoka Buddhism died out in India
But remained in lots of other places Kingdom split up between sons– the usual happens; jealousy, in-fighting eventual shattering of an empire. Quickened by invaders By 200 BC the Maurya Empire was all but lost years later we get the Gupta Empire (more on that next week)

14 Hey kids, get ready to do some shading on your maps
Hey kids, get ready to do some shading on your maps! (Following Maps courtesy of wikipedia)

15 Magahda Empire 5th Century

16 Nanda Empire 323 BCE

17 Maurya Empire 320 BCE

18 Maurya Empire 305 BCE

19 Still More (Maur?) Maurya 300 BCE

20 The Maurya Empire under ashoka 265 BC

21 So to recap-- Pre-Maurya Empire At the height of the Maurya Empire

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