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What’s Doing at JT?. IeXceL Self selected Core subjects RE, English, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE. 1:1 UOW research.

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1 What’s Doing at JT?

2 IeXceL Self selected Core subjects RE, English, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE. 1:1 UOW research

3 IeXceL Research Findings Students: Greater love of learning More focus on PB Self-confident Less need for family assistance More +ve environment

4 Apple easy to learn, "makes me want to open it and learn stuff", "information right at our fingertips" Apple "easy to use and understand", " awesome research tool", better for organisation, "widened learning opportunities" "LAPTOPS ROCK"

5 IeXceL Teachers: Improved student communication More flexible learning strategies More integrated curriculum More student shaped learning More +ve environment Enjoyed class time more

6 “The technology is a great teaching tool for my subject area.” “Interesting next year to see how this program will translate to Year 7 with mixed abilities and maturity in using the equipment to its full potential.” “I am excited about the potential to safely allow these students to go ahead on their own or as a group to research and respond to various activities of their creation and return with a quality product/presentation.”

7 Information Literacy for Digital Natives Essentials Skills for 1:1

8 Definition Information Literacy is: “knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner.” Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. Updated 21 December 2004. Information Literacy: The Skills, Accessed 23 Nov. 2006

9 Information Process Defining Locating Selecting Organising Presenting Evaluating assess/iproc.gif

10 Defining - What? Brainstorming/Mind-mapping – Inspiration, Freemind /index.php/Main_Page /index.php/Main_Page Effective Questioning - “The Question is the Answer” Jamie McKenzie anchor128766 anchor128766

11 Defining - What? Questioning should dig deeper – Bloom’s Taxonomy Why? Which? How? Analysing, Evaluating, Creating (Synthesis) Keywords

12 Locating Getting Past Google. Windham, Carie. 2006. Getting Past Google. Educause Learning Initative. Boolean searches: AND OR NOT School Intranet Databases.

13 Locating Advanced Searching

14 Selecting - Critical Thinking Accuracy - Anyone can publish anything, is the source reliable?, balance with other sources Authority – Is the site linked to an organization?, who is the author? Coverage – What is the scope? Specific topics. Depth of coverage. Currency – Date of writing, date of publishing, updates. Objectivity – Who is the audience or what is the purpose of the site, bias “Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Internet”

15 Selecting - critical thinking

16 Organizing - planning http://del.icio.us tagging - metadata

17 Presenting - ethical use Plagiarism Property – Do my actions respect the property of others? Appropriate Use – Does this use of technology have educational value and is it in keeping with the rules of my family, my church my school and my government? Johnson, Doug. 2007. Ethical Issues Surrounding Technology in Schools. The Education Technology Guide, Vol 15.

18 Presenting - ethical use To Catch a Plagiarist Context Change Missing Footnotes Ryan, Julie. 1998. Student Plagiarism in an Online World. http://www.prism- Accessed 10 May 2007.http://www.prism- Online Sources Turn it In - Online Subscription Safe Assignment – Online Subscription Plagiarism Finder – Standalone Software (Windows only)

19 Presenting - ethical use Form of Final Product. Podcast Movie Comic

20 Evaluating Honest Self-reflection Signing off on work

21 Flexible Learning Environment Broader Differentiation Balancing Student/Teacher centered learning Acceleration V’s Deeper learning “Game” based scoring.

22 Open Source Operating Systems/Software Cost effective - Software and Hardware Mac V’s PC non issue “free” license discourage software piracy open development X11 for Mac OpenOffice Ubuntu (Linux) "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity"

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