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Information skills for research CCM4901

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1 Information skills for research CCM4901 http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

2 In this workshop we will look at... How to find information for your project Developing an effective search strategy Resources available and how to use them Evaluating information for quality and relevance Using information ethically and avoiding plagiarism

3 Using the right information source

4 Thinking about keywords

5 The real thing Keywords Alternative keywords More specific keywords Related subjects

6 Narrow search eg. data AND security Widen search eg. USA OR America Exclude words eg. Computer games NOT video Search for phrases eg. human computer interaction Broaden search eg. comput* (finds computer, computing, computerization, computers etc) Find different spellings eg. organi?ation (finds organisation and organization) Include and exclude terms (Internet) eg. +network -security Search tips

7 So far so good So far weve looked at: The range of resources available Choosing the right resource Coming up with useful keywords Streamlining your search Next: Searching, evaluating and avoiding plagiarism

8 Accessing resources http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp Select Databases and search for information for your project using ACM Digital Library, Computer Source, IEEE Xplore and Summon.

9 Why use a journal database? Access to quality information Information not available elsewhere Up-to-date Focussed/specific Full-text access Access on/off campus Personalize Citation and journal impact info

10 Citation indexes Which articles have cited an earlier article Find articles on similar/related subject How many times an article has been cited Best journals in your field

11 Web of Science http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

12 Library Subject Guides http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

13 Authority : Who is the author? What is their knowledge base/qualifications? How have they carried out their research? Relevance : Is this what I need? Will it answer my question? Is it at the right level? Intent : What is the purpose of information e.g. financial gain, propaganda, academic etc? Objectivity : Balanced view? Opposing views represented? Links to supporting information? Currency: How old is this information? When was it last updated and by whom? Evaluating information

14 Keeping up-to-date with your subject Journal databases Zetoc Alert CiteuLike TicTOC More information on Library Subject Guide: http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

15 But its not in the Library! Inter Library Loans Sconul Access Other libraries More information: http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

16 What is Plagiarism? Copying or re-wording someone else's work (ideas, words, diagrams or pictures) without acknowledging that they are not your own Copying work from another student – even with permission from that person Using your own previous work in another assignment without acknowledging it A form of cheating and a serious academic offence

17 German Defence Minister Guttenberg resigns over thesis

18 How to avoid Plagiarism Always acknowledge someone elses work Quote and paraphrase Use references and citations More info http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

19 Reasons to get it right Evidence of reading around your subject Supports your discussion and arguments Paraphrasing shows you understand the subject Demonstrates that you can analyse and evaluate Enables others to find your references Get better marks

20 Managing your references Use bibliographic management software RefWorks http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/home page.jsp More information

21 Referencing and Plagiarism http://www.chowgule/jsp/departments/library_website/homepage.jsp

22 Keeping Current Facebook Learning Resources CenterLearning Resources Chowgule College Library App (Android, Blackberry, iPhone)

23 Need further help? Your Librarians are : M.P. Shivali -

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