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S5/6 INFORMATION EVENING Thursday 28 August 2008.

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1 S5/6 INFORMATION EVENING Thursday 28 August 2008

2 PRESTON LODGE HIGH SCHOOL S5/6 Information Evening 28 August 2008 Programme WelcomeW Galbraith S5/6 Course ProvisionJ Robertson Support for StudentsJ Robertson Our Experience Calum McCombs Rosie Smith

3 Preston Lodge High School Pastoral SupportC Blakey S6 Contribution to School P Christie Careers GuidanceG Pert UCAS and Higher EducationN Bradley QuestionsJ Robertson Refreshments

4 S5/6 COURSE PROVISION Advanced Higher Higher Intermediate 2 Intermediate 1 Units (40 hours) Internal assessment (NABS) marked by teachers moderated by SQA Reassessment Final Exam

5 S5/6 COURSE PROVISION Courses at appropriate levels Changes in content Credit for units successfully completed Preparation for internal unit assessments

6 SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS Making S5/6 Work for You Timeline for internal assessments Homework/Homework Clubs Easter revision sessions Target setting and tracking Guidance Teacher and Head of House Mentoring Scheme

7 HOW CAN I HELP AS A PARENT? Homework and homework clubs Timeline for Assessment Discuss targets Attendance Contact school if you have concerns Personal Statement Balancing Act!

8 S6 CONTRIBUTION TO SCHOOL Setting standards S6 Induction School and the community Committees House system Charities Mentoring scheme

9 PASTORAL SUPPORT Social Education S5 – Personal Development One period per week S6 – UCAS/Employment/FE UCAS On-line Personal Statement Individual Support

10 PASTORAL SUPPORT LEAPS Lothian Equal Access Programme for Schools Application process to HE Criteria for support First Generation Adverse home circumstances Low Income/Unemployment Adverse Personal Circumstances

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