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Herb Heneman & Tony Milanowski University of Wisconsin-Madison

2 Session Overview Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM)
Performance Competencies Alignment Assessment Process Overview Alignment Assessment Exercise

3 Strategic HRM View In the private & public sectors, HRM has been under pressure to contribute to organizational performance Improving transactional efficiency Reducing costs of HR processes Outsourcing HR functions Developing more supportive relationships with line managers Developing HRM practices that impact performance

4 Performance Impact of HRM Practices
District Goals & Strategy Performance Competencies HRM Practices Acquire Develop Motivate Retain

5 Performance Competencies
The leverage point for the impact of HRM practices on organizational performance What is a competency? A statement of a knowledge, ability, or behavior that contributes to effectiveness Examples for Teachers: Knows students Establishes a classroom culture for learning Uses discussion techniques that engage students Communicates with families

6 Teacher Performance Competency Model
Identifies domain of desired teacher performance competencies Example: Framework for Teaching See handout

7 HR Practices for Teachers
Recruitment Selection Induction Mentoring Professional Development Performance Management Compensation

8 Horizontal & Vertical Alignment
Vertical Alignment: the degree to which the content of an HRM practice focuses on, embeds, and communicates the desired performance competencies Example: Is the degree to which job applicants possess the competencies assessed in the teacher selection (hiring) process? Horizontal Alignment: the degree to which HRM practices are mutually supportive and reinforcing Example: Do professional development programs provide opportunities to develop the competencies assessed in the performance evaluation system?

9 Human Resource Alignment Assessment
A systematic process for determining the degree of alignment of HRM practices with performance competencies We will focus on vertical alignment of HRM practices for teachers HRM Practice Content < - - > Teacher Competencies HR Alignment Scores

10 HRA Assessment Process

11 HRA Assessment Exercise
Your teacher performance competency model HRA assessment for HR practice areas HRA scores Discussion of process & results

12 Discussion Scores from districts Insights about HR practices Difficulties encountered

13 Readiness for HRA Assessment
Will district stakeholders support redesigning the HRM system to impact performance? Do you have a competency model? Are you willing to examine HRA & make changes? Do you have staff with the ability & motivation to do the assessment, then design & implement changes?


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