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1 “Fun”-raiser Stop the War on International Law

2 is… Working for a Responsible and Cooperative U.S. Role in the World With Shared Values National Online Movement A Ground- breaking

3 Cares About…...the greatest challenges facing humanity, including human rights and women’s rights, nuclear proliferation, environmental degradation, global poverty, mass atrocities and more.

4 Why International Cooperation? Common sense tool to get things done – The international treaties we have helped to shape govern much of our lives U.S. proud history of bringing nations together for the common good – Helped to create institutions like the UN to serve our purposes and promote our values. – Our vision of equality, justice, and opportunity for all attracted others. When we lose sight of that vision, we lose the support of others—often just when we need it most.

5 Cooperation works: The benefits outweigh the costs. UN programs have improved the lives of the world’s children more in the past 40 years than the previous 100. Our international support during the past 40 years has helped cut global illiteracy in half and raised average life expectancy by 20 years. UN peacekeepers have helped end conflicts and rebuild governments


7 US Non-Ratification of Treaties Disability Treaty Women’s Equality Treaty (CEDAW) Rights of the Child Law of the Sea Nuclear Test Ban Treaty International Criminal Court Arms Trade Treaty

8 Vertically-Integrated opposition Think Tanks Advocacy Groups Media Outlets Hill Allies Anti Treaty Message

9 We are Siloed – They are Not

10 Making Treaties Controversial “The Senate will not pass controversial treaties …” The Big Lie – “Deliberate gross distortion of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic.” – Drives Constituent Opposition Women's Equality Treaty – “Too pro-abortion” International Criminal Court – “Kangaroo court out to get American service members” Rights of the Child – “Kids will sue their parents” Law of the Sea – “UN will tax Americans” Arms Trade Treaty – “UN gun grab”

11 The New Front Reservations, Understandings, and Declarations (RUDs) not good enough? RUDs will not “stand the test of time … Ultimately, I’m unable to vote for a treaty that could undermine our Constitution” Senator Bob Corker, Ranking Member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee

12 Unconstitutional “…the President, even with Senate acquiescence, has no constitutional authority to make a treaty with a foreign nation that gives away any portion of the sovereignty reserved to the states.” Senator Ted Cruz, Harvard Law Review

13 It’s Local Politics – Not Global Policy The Problem No Political Reward for Treaty Support However, opposing treaties = campaign contributions Fear of being ‘Tea Partied’ like Sen. Dick Lugar Partisanship no longer“ends at the waters edge”

14 How You Can Help Make a contribution to support the “Stop the War on International Law” campaign Hold your own “fun”-raiser in support of Spread the Word

15 How you can Give… By Check – Made out to “” – 420 7 th St SE, Washington, DC 20003 Or by Credit Card – Through the website at – Or use the credit card form provided (on the right). If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Burrell, our Development Fellow at or 202-546-3950 ext. 129

16 – The Answer We are employing new communications and internet technologies to create the first online “big tent” movement of Americans who want the U.S. to take a responsible and cooperative role in the world. Combining political savvy with our members’ intelligence, energy and passion, is the right organization and now is the right time. Support You now have an opportunity to help this movement prosper and grow. Join * Take Action *Volunteer * Planned Giving

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