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WILLIS ISD GIFTED & TALENTED 2012-2013 Amy Rogers – GT Specialist.

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1 WILLIS ISD GIFTED & TALENTED 2012-2013 Amy Rogers – GT Specialist

2 Contact Information  Office 936-890-6672  Cell 936-672-9271   @MrsRogersGT on Twitter  Two WebPages:  Willis ISD GT (under Academics on WISD main page)  My teacher page (in Curriculum under Academics on WISD main page) Mrs. Rogers’ Class Page GT Page

3 Technology – Class Dojo Class Dojo Class Dojo online, electronic behavior management with student & parent access ( Students have login and password in their journals; you have to activate account – see me for technical issues

4 Technology - Edmodo  Provides ability for students to socialize in a safe network with other GT students  Provides ability to turn in electronic assignments (i.e., optional extra credit questions of the week, etc.)  Provides a cloud network for storage for students’ project resources accessible from anywhere Edmodo ( – safe, secure, teacher moderated social Unique code to connect, no outside access without code Parent account (via unique code) to monitor – ask me for your unique code

5 B.Y.O.D. – Bring Your Own Device  The opportunity to bring your own electronic device to class – with the exclusive purpose of working on a project  Students will be notified ahead of time when we will have a work day and when it is appropriate to bring a device.  It is not a necessity, just an option

6 Fall Project  We will begin rolling out our fall project this week, they will be due after the Thanksgiving recess [more info will follow]  The GT program follows a PBL (Project-Based Learning) format, with an overarching theme and the students allowed to design a project of their own choice  This type of project allows the students to take ownership of their learning in an area of interest to them.  The theme for our fall project is: “Try Something New” [i.e. learn a new hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to try and share it with the world!]

7 Social & Emotional Needs of GT Students  We will be focusing more on the social & emotional needs of the gifted student this year  Learning how to work more in teams/groups  How to communicate with others more appropriately when working with a partner or in groups  Pushing students outside of their comfort zone via instant challenges  Discussing ways to deal with stress, etc.

8 Grades  You will notice that “GT” will now be showing up on report cards  I will be giving grades based on class, group, and individual activities this year, as well as projects

9 Parent Involvement We want and need you!!!!!  You are a valuable resource and I would love your input and help.  Two options:  Parent GT Advisory Committee - meets near the end of the year to provide input and feedback to plan for the coming year  GT Parent Booster Committee - meets periodically to mobilize volunteers, plan outings/field trips, assist with community service projects on/off campus

10 QUESTIONS??????

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