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Configuration & Data Management Learning Assets Patrick M. Dallosta CPL Performance Learning Director Defense Acquisition University 19 th Annual Conference.

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1 Configuration & Data Management Learning Assets Patrick M. Dallosta CPL Performance Learning Director Defense Acquisition University 19 th Annual Conference Association for Configuration and Data Management (ACDM) Savannah, Georgia USA March 3-6, 2014 Defense Acquisition University (DAU) ) 1

2 ► Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Mission ► DAWIA Certification/Logistics Competencies ► DoD Policy DoDI 5000.02 ► DAU CM / DM Learning Assets – LOG 204 Configuration Management (Classroom/Online) – DoD Product Support Implementation Roadmap – Program Manager’s e-Tool Kit – CM/DM Communities of Practice (CoP) – ACQuipedia / “Ask A Professor” ► Summary / Questions & Answers Agenda 2

3 DAU Structure and Mission 3 Hon. Chuck Hagel SECDEF Hon. Christine Fox Acting DEPSECDEF Hon. Frank Kendall USD(AT&L) Hon. Katrina McFarland USD(A) Jim Woolsey President, DAU DAU Mission “Provide a global learning environment to develop qualified acquisition, requirements and contingency professionals who deliver and sustain effective and affordable warfighting capabilities.” 10 USC Ch. 87 - Sec. 1746 Defense Acquisition University Structure. “The Secretary of Defense … shall establish and maintain a defense acquisition university structure to provide for the professional educational development and training of the acquisition workforce.” Defense Agencies

4 DAWIA Certification 4 Certification The process through which the Department of Defense Components (Army, Navy, Air Force, DoD Agencies) determine that an individual meets the mandatory standards (experience, education, and training) established for a career level in an acquisition career field. Level III Senior Level III Senior Level II Intermediate Level II Intermediate Level I Entry Level I Entry Remember Your Component certifies you - Not DAU

5 DAWIA Career Field Populations 5 CAREER FIELDARMYNAVY AIR FORCE 4TH ESTATE TOTALS Auditing 0 0 0 4,368 Business - Cost Estimating 262 534 432 84 1,312 Business - Financial Mgmt 2,107 1,923 1,801 632 6,463 Contracting 8,606 5,716 8,381 7,568 30,271 Engineering 9,668 20,003 11,027 2,139 42,837 Facilities Engineering 1,634 5,299 5 32 6,970 Industrial/Contract Property Mgmt 56 60 20 266 402 Information Technology 2,166 2,098 1,146 460 5,870 Life Cycle Logistics 8,104 5,538 2,859 621 17,122 Production, Quality and Manufacturing 1,608 2,468 326 5,256 9,658 Program Management 3,378 5,939 5,438 1,416 16,171 Purchasing 357 501 97 328 1,283 Test and Evaluation 2,080 3,114 3,001 385 8,580 Unknown 11 21 1 15 48 Totals 40,03753,21434,53423,570151,355

6 DAU Courses by Certification Level 6

7 RegionLocation FY13 C/NEFort Belvoir, VA36,600 Mid-AtlanticCalifornia, MD28,740 MidwestKettering, OH21,428 SouthHuntsville, AL34,743 WestSan Diego, CA 29,844 Total 151,355 Serving the Workforce at the Point of Need Serving the DAWIA Workforce at the Point of Need 7

8 Competency / Course Logistics Design Influence Integrated Product Support (IPS) Planning Product Support & Sustainment Configuration Management R&M Analysis Technical / Product Data Management Supportability Analysis LOG 101 LOG 102 LOG 103 LOG 200 LOG 201 LOG 204 LOG 206 LOG 211 LOG 215 4Q14 LOG 235 LOG 340 LOG 350 LOG 365 4Q14 Principal course that addresses the competency Course where the competency is a major learning point New course/deployment date 8 Life Cycle Logistics Competencies – Curriculum Crosswalk

9 Life Cycle Logistics Certification Path FY14 ACQ 201 A Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A LOG 200 Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part A LOG 206 Intermediate Systems Sustainment Management CLL 001 Life Cycle Mgt & Sustainment Metrics CLC 011 Contracting for the Rest of Us CLL 012 Supportability Analysis Level II Certification Choice of: BCF 102 – Earned Value Mgt OR RQM 110 – Requirements Mgt OR CON 121/124/127 Contracting Planning, Execution and Mgt OR LOG 204 – Configuration Mgt OR LOG 215 – Technical Data Mgt (FY15 ) ACQ 201 B Intermediate Systems Acquisition, B (R) LOG 201 Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part B LOG 235 Performance-Based Logistics Application/case based ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management SYS 101 Fundamentals of Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering LOG 103 Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) LOG 102 Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management LOG 101 Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals CLL 008 Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems CLL 011 Performance Based Life Cycle Product Support (PBL) Level I Certification Knowledge based LOG 340 Life Cycle Product Support (R ) LOG 350 Enterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management (R) CLL 005 Developing a Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) CLL 015 Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA) CLL 020 Independent Logistics Assessments Choice of: LOG 211 – Supportability Analysis OR BCF 215 – O&S Cost Analysis OR ACQ 265 – Services Acquisition OR ACQ 315 – Business Acumen Level III Certification Case/scenario based 1 Year Experience 2 Years Experience 3 Years Experience 9 LOG 204 is a CORE Plus Level II Certification Course for both ENG and LCL.

10 ► Enclosure 3 Systems Engineering – Para 8. Configuration Management DoD Policy – Interim DoDI 5000.02 November 25, 2013 10 “The Program Manager will use a configuration management approach to establish and control product attributes and the technical baseline across the total system life cycle. This approach will identify, document, audit, and control the functional and physical characteristics of the system design; track any changes; provide an audit trail of program design decisions and design modifications; be integrated with the SEP and technical planning; and be consistent with the Intellectual Property Strategy. At completion of the system level Critical Design Review, the Program Manager will assume control of the initial product baseline, to the extent that the competitive environment permits.”

11 ► Distance Learning (Online) Course Credit –12 Lessons, 24 hours, 18 CLPs, 60 day completion ► Classroom Course (DAU Specialized Training) Credit –4 ½ days, 30 students, 36 CLPs ► “Browse Mode” Course Non-Credit –12 Lessons, 24 hours, 60 day completion (Online) ► Prerequisite(s) –ACQ 101, Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management LOG 204 Configuration Management 11

12 ► Cross-disciplinary course that addresses the interrelationship of Configuration and Data Management to Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Logistics activities ► Identifies Configuration and Data Management concepts and basic practices, to include: –Configuration Identification –Status Accounting –Audits And Verification –Configuration Change Management –Performance Measures –Configuration Management Planning LOG 204 Configuration Management Course Description 12

13 ► Incorporate CM/DM concepts, principles, processes throughout the Life Cycle ► Apply CM/DM planning and performance measures to processes ► Integrate latest initiatives, guidance and policies within CM/DM practices and applications –Data Management –Performance-Based Logistics –Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Materiel Shortages (DMSMS) LOG 204 Configuration Management Course Objectives 13

14 LessonTitleOverview 1 Introduction to Configuration Management Describe the Configuration Management process 2 Configuration Management Across the Life Cycle Describe how Configuration Management (CM) concepts, principles and applications are applied across the system life cycle 3Configuration Identification Apply the Configuration Identification process 4Data Management Understand the relationship between Configuration Management and Data Management 5Configuration Status Accounting Apply the Configuration Status Accounting process 6 Configuration Verification and Configuration Audit Apply Configuration Verification and Configuration Audit processes 7 Configuration Change Management Apply the Configuration Change Management process in the life cycle management of a Configuration Item LOG 204 Topics Lessons 1-6 14

15 LessonTitleOverview 8 Configuration Management Performance Metrics Select appropriate performance measures needed to effectively manage a CM program 9 Configuration Management Plans Construct a Configuration Management Plan outline 10 Configuration Management Planning A pply the principles of CM Planning and Management required for an effective CM program 11 Considerations for the Configuration Manager I dentify impacts of Software Configuration Management, Open Systems/Non-Developmental Items (NDIs)/Commercial Items and Systems Engineering Design Considerations on Configuration Management 12 Issues and initiatives that impact Configuration Management Identify issues and initiatives that impact Configuration Management LOG 204 Topics Lessons 7-12 15

16 LOG 204 Graduates YEAR/ CATEGORY FY10FY11FY12FY131QFY14TOTAL Army 4182791,2911,083 2513,322 Air Force 568457817532 1622,536 Navy 441255559625 1632,043 Industry 357196217364 1441,278 Other DoD 206213315183 52969 Other 53243135 12155 TOTAL2,0431,4243,2302,82278410,303 Students are: 84% civilian, 10% military, 6% Industry Career Fields: BUS - 10%, CON -5%, LCL - 30%, PM - 8%, ENG - 30% Experience: 46% 15 years Reason for Taking LOG 204: 87% take the course to satisfy DAWIA requirements. 16

17 LOG 204 Student Feedback 17 Student FeedbackPercentage Completed course within 60 days87% Completed course within 30 days40% Given time at work to take the course92% Training content critical to job performance57% Course objectives appropriate and met through the courseware 96% Would recommend the course to others91%

18 ► Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) ► DoD Product Support Implementation Roadmap ► DAU Program Manager’s e-Tool Kit ► DAU Glossary of Terms ► DoD Logistics Assessment Guidebook Product Support Management CM Assessment Criteria ► DAU Communities of Practice (CoP) (CM/DM/IM) ► DAU ACQuipedia ► DAU “Ask A Professor” CM/DM Knowledge Sharing Resources 18

19 DAG 4.3.7 Configuration Management Process 19

20 DAG 4.3.8 Technical Data Management Process 20

21 DAG 4.3.9 Interface Management Process 21

22 DoD Product Support Implementation Roadmap 22

23 Roadmap Configuration Management META-CARD 23

24 Configuration Management META-CARD URLs 24 ReferenceURL Link DAU Glossary DAU ACQuipedia DAG 4.3.7 Configuration Management Process DAG Configuration Management DoD PSM Guidebook 5.6 DoD Logistics Assessment Guidebook LCSP Outline 9.0

25 25 DAU Program Manager’s e-Tool Kit

26 DAU Glossary of Terms 26

27 27 Logistics Assessment Guidebook CM Assessment Criteria

28 DAU Configuration Management Community of Practice 28

29 DAU Configuration Management Community of Practice 29

30 DAU Data Management Community of Practice 30 Community of Practice

31 DAU Data Management CoP Body of Knowledge 31

32 Data Management Body of Knowledge 32 Chapter 6: Enterprise Data Integration Author: Bonnie Johnson, version 07 06 2007 Once an enterprise data strategy has been developed, the various business function strategies need to be reviewed to ensure compliance at the enterprise level. This integration activity facilitates the ability to integrate the related data that may be used by multiple business functions. Historically, product data which is used by engineering, manufacturing and the various support functions that share the product data have limited integration based on need to know. As the enterprise has moved from the manual environment to an electronic environment, the business functions have chosen electronic tools that meet the need of the business function but are not necessarily in a format to support or interface with other business function systems. This outcome causes a redundancy that is extremely costly to the enterprise and the business functions on a variety of levels.

33 DAU ACQuipedia 33

34 DAU ACQuipedia Topic Search 34

35 ACQuipedia Configuration Management Article 1 2 3 35

36 DAU “Ask A Professor” Home Page 36 Update url 4 Business Day Response Time

37 DAU Ask A Professor Topic Search – “CM” 37 Management

38 Ask A Professor – Q&A Detail 38

39 Summary 39 ► DoD Policy and Workforce Competencies Drive DAU Curriculum ► Both the Engineering and Life Cycle Logistics Career Fields Certifications include Configuration Management ► DAU CM / DM Learning Assets are diverse, available and effective ► DAU provides Classroom, Online and specialized training to meet Workforce training needs. ► How can DAU help you?

40 Q & A 40 19 th Annual Conference Association for Configuration and Data Management (ACDM) Savannah, Georgia USA March 3-6, 2014 Thank You for Inviting DAU to Participate at ACDM!

41 Back-up 41 Go Ravens !

42 DAU iCatalog 42 http://icatalog.dau.mil

43 DAU Training Center 43

44 Apply For A Course 44

45 Industry Training Sign-Up Profile Instructions 45

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