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DP-IR Detecto-Pak Infrared

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1 DP-IR Detecto-Pak Infrared
4/6/2017 DP-IR Detecto-Pak Infrared Heath Proprietary

2 DP-IR Features Methane sensitivity 1 ppm detection Built in Self-test
4/6/2017 DP-IR Features Methane sensitivity 1 ppm detection Built in Self-test 0-100% dynamic range auto ranging and fixed Long use battery No hydrogen fuel Simple to use Menu is similar to RMLD Light weight Same walking and mobile survey methods as DP-4 FID Heath Proprietary

3 DP-IR Features Simple user interface menu and operation
High Sensitivity: 1ppm Fast response: < 1 sec Tick or DMD mode: Adjustable alarm level: 1 to 9000 Extended range to 100% VOL Auto scaling and fixed range Built in Self-test with internal cal cell Internal rechargeable battery or external power >8 32°F battery operating life CE compliance Intrinsic Safety approval RS232 or Bluetooth optional Weight: ~ 5.6lbs Internal logging of self-test with time stamp

4 DP-IR Use Surface sampling Bar-hole testing Indoor meter / piping
Portable application Mobile application

5 Using the DP-IR Replace dust filter by removing the front dust cap and changing out the filter. Replace the filter at minimum on a daily basis. Turn on the instrument by pressing the On button and holding until starting Instrument will count down to indicate that it is warming up. Once warmed up, the instrument will go to the run screen. Perform Self-test If Self-test is OK, then the instrument is ready for survey work. Verify Alarm is on and the detection level is the desired amount. The instrument may continue to stabilize for up to 15 minutes. Re-zero as needed. Recharge instrument after use.

6 Survey Detection Modes
The DP-IR has two survey detection modes: DMD and Tick. The DMD will alarm when the gas concentration exceeds the Alarm Level The Tick mode will generate a pulse that is relative to actual gas concentration.

7 Easy to Operate Menu: Press to select menu options
Up: Press to increase or select Down: Press to decrease or deselect Alarm: Press to enable audible buzzer Zero: Press to zero the instrument Power: Press and hold to turn on or off

8 Survey Run Screen Zeroing Press the Zero button to zero the instrument
Disable the Alarm Press the Alarm button to temporally turn off the audible buzzer. It will reactivate in 5 minutes. Display range Auto range will switch from ppm to % gas at 1% Press the Down button to select fixed ranges (ppm, % gas) Press the Up button to return to auto ranging

9 Menu Options Alarm Level Self-Test SEL
Use Up/Down button to adjust the detection threshold Use Zero button to toggle between DMD and Tick mode Press Alarm button to turn off the alarm disable time out Press Menu to accept changes and return to run screen Self-Test Use Up button to initiate the Self-Test Press Menu to return to run screen SEL Use Up button to turn back light on Use Down button to turn back light off Press Zero button to toggle between RS and BT com

10 Other Battery indicator shows the remaining battery life in 12.5% increments. Peak indicator (0-1000ppm) holds peak for 2 seconds Flow Error Alarm will sound when the flow is restricted

11 Battery Charging LI-ion battery can be charged without worry about memory build up Depending on the supply voltage level of the vehicle battery, the DP-IR battery may also recharge while the instrument is powered through external power.

12 Bar Holing Short probe comes standard 28” probe as option
Other optional probes available Use auto ranging or fixed % gas Very fast clearing in the % gas range

13 Mobile Application FID to DP-IR coupling adaptor available
Need to match DP-IR intake flow rate External pump required / sample system Street / off-road vehicle

14 Questions? Heath Proprietary

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