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Investigating for S Grade.

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1 Investigating for S Grade.
Practise Topics for Candidates at F/G/C Levels.

2 Topic to be Investigated – Why do Some People find it hard to get a Job?

3 Creating a Hypothesis to investigate the Topic.
At Credit candidates will be asked to create a hypothesis to investigate the Topic Topic: Why do Some People find it hard to get a Job? A hypothesis is a sentence never a question It is something you can prove to be true or false

4 Creating Aims to investigate your Hypothesis.
At General & Credit you will be asked to create 2 Aims or Headings to investigate the topic & prove your hypothesis. Hypothesis – Older workers find it harder to get a job because their skills are out-of-date. An Aim is often a question e.g. Why do older workers have out-of-date skills? What do employers think about older workers & their skills?

5 Hypothesis & Aims about Older Workers
Older workers find it harder to get a job because their skills are out-of-date. Aims. Why are older people’s skills out-of-date? What do employers; feel about employing older workers?

6 Hypothesis & Aims about Young Workers
Younger workers find it harder to get a job because they lack the skills & experience. Aims. Why do young workers lack skills & experience? What can young workers do to get more experience?

7 Hypothesis & Aims about Disabled Workers
Disabled workers may find it harder to get a job because they have poorer health & are absent from work a lot. Aims Why are disabled workers absent from work a lot? Why do disabled workers have poorer health?

8 Hypothesis & Aims about Mothers with Young Children.
Mothers with young children find it harder to get a job because they only want to work during school hours. Aims. Why can mothers with dependent children not work shifts? Why do mothers want to work locally?

9 Hypothesis & Aims about Ethnic Workers
Ethnic minority workers might find it hard to get a job due to poor education & lack of skills or qualifications. Aims. Why do ethnic workers have poor qualifications? Why do ethnic workers often have a poor education?

10 Methods to investigate Aims.
What method is appropriate (suitable) to investigate one of your stated aims? You must state a method which is suitable for that topic e.g. a visit to Africa would not be possible but interviewing someone who worked for an Aid Agency there or using a UK Government or Aid Agency web site might be good methods to get relevant up-to-date information for your investigation. You will be asked to explain why it is appropriate You will be asked to state 2 advantages & 2 disadvantages of that method. N.B. Discuss the advantages of the method being used NOT the topic being investigated

11 Methods used to Investigate an Aim
Internet Library Interview Database

12 CD Rom Why is this an appropriate method?
A CD Rom is an encyclopaedia on CD which contains text, pictures & sound. Why is this an appropriate method? You can access relevant information very quickly You can download & print out the text you want or make notes from it.

13 Information on new Scottish MP Constituencies

14 Advantages & Disadvantages of CD Roms
Information is not up-dated & can become out –of-date very quickly You need computer access to use it CDs don’t work on every computer Advantages. It presents information in a varied & attractive format It is quite easy to use (usually it has a search option to find info wanted) You can store a huge amount on a CD

15 Database What is a Database? A database is a collection of information about a particular topic. Why is it an appropriate method to use? You can access a database using a search engine You need to give precise search command words to access the relevant part of the database to get the type of information needed. You can print out appropriate database information

16 Database Information about Chief Executive of PKC
PKC Chief Executive Bernadette Malone

17 Advantages & Disadvantages of Databases
It is arranged so info is easy to access You can find ‘matches’ by searching for common features A search can occur very quickly Pupils can create their own databases to record their data Disadvantages You need a computer to access it You must give appropriate search word commands to get relevant & meaningful data

18 Internet What is the Internet? The internet is a network of computers around the world which can ‘talk’ to each other transfer information from one to another. How can we use the Internet? Use a search engine to get access e.g. Yahoo Give search command words e.g. elderly benefits You can access official websites to get government statistics, policy or propaganda & data from charities or pressure groups. You can access chat sites

19 Using the Internet

20 Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet.
You must know internet address (URL) Using a search word may provide a huge number of sources so you need to identify useful ones. Some sites & information given is biased It can cost a lot Advantages. It provides access to vast amounts of information It is easy to use It is fairly quick to use It is cheap if you are quick Internet info is a variety of text, photos, graphics sound & video clips

21 Interviewing People There are two types of interviews Structured interviews are based around a list of pre-prepared questions. Informal interviews are conversations based around a series of points, which lead to more detailed discussion of the topic To arrange an interview you must Make an appointment or arrange a time Prepare relevant & useful questions Ask permission to record interviews Take materials with you to write down or record answers Interviewing PKC Chief Executive Bernadette Malone

22 Advantages & Disadvantages of Interviews
You may record the interview & make notes later You get relevant up-to-date information You can get an expert’s view & knowledge about issues. It increases your knowledge of the topic Disadvantages. If interviewing an expert, preparation & background knowledge is needed. You must prepare relevant questions You need confidence to talk to someone & interview them You must arrange the interview in advance You must prepare how to record the information given effectively

23 Write a letter. Explain why you want the information
To get information by writing a letter you should Explain why you want the information Include relevant questions to get you the information you need You should get accurate information from an expert Include your address so they can reply to you

24 Advantages & Disadvantages of writing a Letter
It gets information sent to you You can get relevant up-to-date information Disadvantages You must ask unbiased questions. Some organisations will not reply The reply received may not be helpful e.g. is a general answer rather than answer your specific questions

25 Questionnaires or Opinion Surveys
There are two types of survey; One has open questions which allow people to write their own answers Some have closed questions where people choose the answer they like best from the selection given How to carry out a survey Make up relevant questions but have no biased or leading questions in your survey Don’t make it too long or people won’t co-operate & complete it Issue enough copies (+50) to get a large unbiased sample of wide ranging views even if some aren’t returned Decide when & where to carry it out

26 Advantages & Disadvantage of a Survey
Closed questions are easy to analyse & compare answers You can carry it out quickly It gives you a lot of information quickly It tells you about public opinion on an issue It may give you evidence to prove what you want to Disadvantages Open questions provide a wider range of answers which are harder to analyse Some people will not return questionnaires You need to have a big sample for unbiased results You must avoid making your sample biased e.g. no women or young people

27 TV, DVD or Video Programmes
Why these are a useful source of information; You know the date of the programme You can record it & watch when it is convenient You can pause & rewind to make notes from it The case studies & pictures show conditions more accurately than a newspaper or radio report about the topic

28 Advantages & Disadvantages of TV, DVD & Video Programmes.
You can when it is convenient It may provide up-to-date information It presents info in an interesting format You can pause to make notes It gives you access to expert opinions You can re-wind & watch it again Disadvantages. You need a TV/VCR/DVD player to watch it on You need a machine to record it You may need to pre-programme to record it during the night You need a recorder to record it initially

29 A Visit. How to arrange a visit You must arrange a time, date & location previously so you turn up on time Find the location previously or study a map so you get there on time. Wear suitable clothing & footwear for the location & weather you are likely to meet. Arrive on time with material to record information Ask suitable questions to find out relevant information Take pictures using a camera or mobile phone, but ask permission to do this first

30 Advantages & Disadvantages of a Visit.
You get information firsthand You see conditions & can record them in notes or in a picture You may record answers to questions & replay the tape or review your notes later You can make notes from your recording of the visit later Disadvantages You must organise your visit beforehand You must be prepared with questions to ask You need to take a notebook & pen or pencil to record important information you find out during the visit

31 A Library. A library includes a place where you access computers, CD Roms, books , Newspapers & journals. You may have to pre-book to use the computers or internet facility. Some libraries will charge for using the internet while others provide this service free You cannot remove reference books Ensure you know the library hours or you may be disappointed, particularly if they close early at night

32 Internet access at a Library

33 Advantages & Disadvantages of using the Library.
There are many different information sources in one location It can provide up-to-date information You can chose the format you prefer to access your information Some libraries have free internet access You can take books home which is more convenient Disadvantages. The book you want may not be available You cannot remove reference books You need to pre-book the computer & internet use They may charge for internet use

34 Prepare an investigation. You must include:
Topic: The Aid Britain Sends to Africa Hypothesis 2 Aims or Headings 3 methods with one advantage and one disadvantage

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