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Enquiry Skills Investigating Methods o oo of Enquiry.

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1 Enquiry Skills Investigating Methods o oo of Enquiry

2 Method 1: Using a CD-Rom A CD-Rom is sometimes called an encyclopaedia on CD. They include newspapers, Scotsman and Herald. CD-Roms provide vast amounts of relevant, topical information on almost every subject.

3 CD-Rom Advantages

4 CD-Rom Disadvantages

5 Method 2: Database A collection of information about a particular topic e.g. Census, Govt report. A system for filing information on a computer. Contains a data file, records and fields of information.

6 Database Advantages

7 Database Disadvantages

8 Method 3: Internet Requires a computer and modem. Provide access to the World Wide Web and Email. Uses a search enquire e.g. Google, Yahoo to find information. An On-line encyclopaedia of virtually unlimited information. Means of communicating with people world wide at low cost and high speed.

9 Internet Advantages

10 Internet Disadvantages

11 Method 4: Interview A conversation between 2 people, either structured or informal. Effective way of getting information from an “expert” e.g. Social Worker. Questions can be prepared in advance. Answers can be recorded.

12 Interview Advantages

13 Interview Disadvantages

14 Method 5: Writing a Letter Written for a specific purpose. To get information or arrange a meeting. Good letters are specific not general - structured letters. E.g. Elderly - Social Work Dept, Employed - Job Centre.

15 Letter Writing Advantages

16 Letter Writing Disadvantages

17 Method 6: Library Holds information on many formats e.g. video, audio, CD-Rom, Internet, newspaper, magazine, book. Found in school, college and local community.

18 Library Advantages

19 Library Disadvantages

20 Method 7: Survey Set of questions to discover public opinion e.g. best type of elderly housing. Must be a sample with a good cross section of the community e.g. male, female, age. May contain open or closed questions. 4 stages - write questions, identify sample, record answers and result.

21 Survey Advantages

22 Survey Disadvantages

23 Method 8: Questionnaire Questions you make up to ask somebody who knows about your investigation.

24 Questionnaire Advantages

25 Questionnaire Disadvantages

26 Method 9: Using TV & Video Programmes Some programmes are suited to Modern Studies as sources of information e.g. News Newsnight Question Time

27 TV & Video Programmes Advantages

28 TV & Video Programmes Disadvantages

29 Method 10: Observations on a visit A visit to a particular place e.g. a factory, office, shopping complex, sheltered housing, job centre, MPs surgery.

30 Observation Advantages

31 Observation Disadvantages

32 The End

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